Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Human again...

We are finally over the evil sickness. I see from other blogs that we have passed it along.


Not much has happened lately so I am going to take this opportunity to show you how cute my son's room is. I just so happen to have a very talented friend (well, I have many talented friends, but this one is at the top of the list). Her name is Oh, Judy and OOOHHH JJJUUUDDDYY did she set me up. This is the blanket that my son has recently decided is his security blanket. Thank goodness because the walls match it. :-)

I showed Oh, Judy what I had in mind and she made it happen in just a few hours. Here are a few pictures of the room.

About 10 minutes ago I went into Cubby's room to take this picture. This is how spoiled I am with him, he stood up, smiled for the camera and then I just tuned of the light and left him and he went right back to sleep. Sadly, this isn't the first time we have done this to him (wake him up--not take pictures. I use his closet to store my sewing stuff....)

I normally have toys on the shelves...I just finished painting them...

they were hot pink in their previous life in Lauren's room.

Thanks Judy......

P.S. She is available for other mural work, and she her prices are reasonable.......come on, you know you wanna..........

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I need a sick day....


It has been a slow blog week (well for writing anyway, not for reading). We are sick. It seems like everyone we knew got sick over the holidays. A horrible, never ending, flu/cold, "take me in the back yard and just shoot me" sick. I was very smug as my family celebrated, opened presents and skied.

I consider myself chastised.

This thing will NOT go away. It is only violent for about 6 hours at a time and then it eases up. Just enough for you to think that you might be getting better. Then it is back in its full fury. The symptoms are not the same either. We have a rotating panel of illnesses here. Between the four of us we have had everything you can think of, but none at the same time.

Before I beg someone to take me in the backyard and shoot me, I better go and try to put some type of nourishment into my children's bodies. Those frozen waffles aren't going to make themselves.

See you soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dear Jacob,

HOW, HOW, HOW in the name of all that is holy did you become a child that has a security blanket? How did this happen? I know that other kids have them. I am assuming that it is because their parents gave them the same blanket all the time. We did not do this. We didn't have the luxury. The first criteria for any blanket that came near you was if it was absorbent. I also liked them to match, but this was not always possible. You were a "super spitter" and no blanket lasted longer then 10 minutes in your clutches before it was off to the washer. You still spit and I still have to carry 3 blankets everywhere I go. I am so grateful for Carter's brand waffle weave blankets I could cry. They can hold GALLONS of spit up. They are cheap too, so occasionally when I don't have the heart to wash a full load of them, they go in the garbage. (readers....this is wasteful, I know, but don't try and pretend that you haven't once thrown away a onsie after an explosion when you are, say, at the mall or driving across country....) That is not the reason your middle name is Carter, but it is better then the real reason!!

Back to the have to be patient with me. I am not a mom that is used to her children having "special" things that can't be replaced. I am a bit absent minded and not terribly organized. Just keeping track of the children is a victory in my book. When you were born, you started sucking your thumb and you have not stopped. I was so glad...I hate having to track down Dummy's (or Nuk's, or Binkies or whatever you call them). I figure you will always have your thumb, so less work for me. Thank you. I might have been tipped off by the fact that every time you put your thumb in your mouth, you start reaching for something to hold. Laundry (dirty or clean, you don't discriminate), washcloths, mom's shirt, Lauren's hair (your favorite in the car...she can't escape). But, you didn't care WHAT it was, as long as it was something. As of today, you care. Well, actually it was more like a few days ago, but you care.

Right now, you are screaming in your crib because apparently, you don't have the right blanket. It is in your father's car. I forgot to bring it in. From here on out I can look forward to one more thing to keep track of, one more thing to freak out about if it is lost, and one more step at bedtime. That is ok, because you are a pretty great kid. I just want to say THANK YOU that the blanket you chose just so happens to match the newly "muralized" nursery. For that, I forgive the rest.


P.S. We need a "name" for the blanket. Lauren calls it Lamby, Jacob calls it "gup gup" (but I think that is how he says his name right now). Any suggestions?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

To my blogging public.....

Dear Readers,

I have noticed that many of you have cool templates for your blogs. The colors are hip and cool and change often (Caffeine, Nie Nie, to name just a few) and they are very streamlined and minimal (C Jane, Carina, Jolly Porter, Elpaso, Jet, to name just a few more). How did you do it? Will someone help me? I also have been inspired to use more pictures.....lots of you do that. I have the camera, so why not.

I think it is time to move past the pastel polka dots and crank it up a notch.......



P.S. I also want someone to sew a slipcover for my couch that needs to last us a few more years, but I don't really expect to find someone that can do THAT for me. I can upholster, but I need something that a) I don't have to tuck in and b) I can wash. I will pay cash money........I just want to throw that out there too.

P.P.S. Matias, this is not your official "shout out" (that would be more like...."yo, yo, Matias n the HOOOUUUUSSSSEEEEEE!!!!" Soon, soon my friend) but aren't you some kind of computer genius? :-) Any one who can pimp out a TIVO has GOT to be able to help me.......Also, I don't know if I spelled your name right......

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Worship Jams

I don't know if I am thrilled or disturbed that my 5 year old daughter knows every word and every song to the commercial for "Worship Jams"...Oh sorry, Worship JAMZZZZZZZ. According to the website (whose web address I found after listening to Lulu repeat the entire commercial while playing w/ her new My Little Pony's), Worship Jamz is a compilation of "30 of the most popular praise and worship songs performed by kids for kids. Worship Jams is currently one of the best-selling CD collections on TV. Your children will enjoy hours of singing along with the best praise and worship songs featured on the Worship Jams CD"

Great. First item of business--she is watching WAY TOO MUCH TV, especially Nick Jr. I wish school would start again already. That is major points off for me. It could be really great that she is singing songs that have a positive message (to a rock 'n roll beat). I might actually get this for her. It beats listening to the Dora the Explora' theme song one million times in a row. I am betting that these songs are more then 30 seconds long...thus extending the time I can listen to the album in the car before wanting to slit my wrists. Points for Worship Jamz. Also, anything that she can sing to give us a little break from Annie (still going strong in our house) is a good thing. On the down side, she doesn't even know all the Primary songs and I can just see her belting out some Worship Jamz at church. That isn't even that bad though. Here is my main problem with this is spelled with a "z". That is minus many, many points. I am surprised they didn't market it as EXTREME Worship Jamz..because we all know that the only thing kids like more then things spelled with a Z is having the word "extreme" in front of it. I just don't think I can pull the's that darn Z!!

Jury is still out on this one.............anyone else seen this album or is mine the only 5 year old obsessed with Christian rock compilations?