Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas Shopping...

Greetings everyone! I haven't blogged forever and the reason is really clear. I HAVE BEEN REALLY BUSY!! It is getting harder and harder to get on the computer.

I decided to do my Christmas shopping in one day this year. In past years, I have spaced out the shopping and always ended up w/ too much stuff because I don't remember what I already have. I also spend more money then I have budgeted and it ends up taking WAY too much time. This year, I wrote a list and decided that anything that wasn't in the store I would order on line. I figure the cost of the shipping is less then I would spend on "extras" during another trip to the store. For some reason I can't come out of Walmart w/ out at least $30 worth of stuff that I didn't plan on buying.

Not only did I decided to shop all in one day, I did it the day after Thanksgiving! I have never shopped on Black Friday (I have WORKED many, many Black Friday's though). Nothing I needed was really on sale, but I would have done like Jenny E. and waited in line at 4:00 am if there had been! I missed the fist fights at Walmart over the 20$ DVD's, but go there just in time for the long lines, grumpy people and general Black Friday craziness. I was armed with an ENORMOUS Diet Coke from the in store McDonalds (praise heaven for that brilliant merger). Ironically, when I went to Target, next door, things were calm, clean and quiet. I guess it isn't really that ironic. Going to Target is like going to my version of heaven. Wide, clean aisles, the store is bright and cheerful, it is always decorated really well and uses lots of bold colors and clean lines--PLUS they have a $1 section, we don't have any dollar stores in my neck of the woods.

Sadly, the ONLY formula that my son won't spit up all over me is the store brand from Walmart. That means that I am FORCED to got to Walmart every few weeks. Grrrrrrr. Some of you have heard me say this before, but I HATE WALMART. If I just pretend like I am going to visit a third world country, it isn't so bad. If I go not expecting anyone to speak English, know the right price, have aisles clear of merchandise, have what I need in stock, a store that smells like anything besides cigarettes and urine or anyone to push their carts in a clear and logical manner ( like lanes of traffic, all carts going one way should be on the same side of the aisle, right?) then I can pretend I am on vacation somewhere that is very, very different then the place I live. This could just be MY Walmart, but I hold the entire chain responsible! Sheesh. I'll pay the extra 30 cents a Target any day.

So, the Christmas shopping is done (just two more online purchases). It is so nice to take that off my plate. This year Lauren did ask for everything she has ever seen a commercial for on Nick Jr or the computer. Hmmmmm. She asked me for a doll called "Amazing Amanda". I asked her what was special about that doll and she said "I don't know". She asked for a "Cold Nosed Puppy" and again I asked what it did. Again..."I don't know." I told her that Santa was only going to entertain requests for toys that she AT LEAST knew what they did. I did some checking on "Amazing Amanda". First of all, it costs $100. Yes, that is right, ONE HUNDRED US DOLLARS. Ummm, does the doll do the dishes or change diapers? Apparently it has facial expressions and can talk and do calculus or something. The only talking doll that I am willing to shell out $100 for, is one that reminds Lauren 10,000 times a day to pick up her clothes, her shoes, her coat, etc. THAT would be good investment for me. She isn't getting the doll--but her best friend is. This will be interesting. The "Cold Nosed Puppy" is just that. A stuffed dog with a cold nose. We are not getting that either. She is getting lots of My Little Pony and Princess stuff. I figure I don't have too many years of that left. Jacob is getting a new vacuum (which he will lend to me whenever I want to use it) and all of Lauren's "Little People" things wrapped up. We don't have many years left of pulling a fast one on him either.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Aunt Kate, "Lulu, you need to remember to be a good girl and listen to your mamma".

Lauren, "Yeah, she's at the end of my rope."

Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank you for the music....

That title has nothing to do with this post--I am just obsessed with ABBA. My child has caught the obsession and now we must listen to it ALL DAY EVERY DAY, unless of course we are listening to Annie. I digress...

This is just a quick post to say thank you. I have a long list of people to thank lately. Many of them I have a "face to face" relationship and some I have become acquainted with on a blog/chat forum basis. Either way, I appreciate all of you for the times you have made me laugh and for the support you have shown. I should especially thank the ones that have to talk to me on the phone and listen to me try and figure my silly life out. I know it is tedious and I know you must use patience, but stick with me because I am slowly, slowly feeling like myself. I have been given encouragement, support and even food by people who have no obligation to make sure that I am ok. It has really helped.

This weekend one of my best friends in the whole world came to visit me. We mostly sat around and ate (French food--yummy), drank Diet Coke, played with our babies (her 7 month old is bigger then my 13 month old.......but only because my little cub is tiny) and talked. I realized that it felt a little bit like being my old self. It made me realize that even though it is tiny baby steps ("baby steps doc, I am doin' the work" the movie?), I am moving away from the trauma of the last 6 months and getting some perspective and distance that only time can give. Whew. Finally. My other best friend S has made me appear in public at places like baby showers, church and other fun things. Many times I don't go, but sometimes I do and when I do I am always glad. She has saved me too. She listens to me, encourages me in disciplining my increasingly disobedient 5 year old and pretty much makes sure that I am ok every day. She does this every day.

This week is kind of brutal. My husband is gone so I have the "my children are making me crazy" factor. Today is Grandma Thora's birthday (she is the one that died in August, my daughter and I were both very close to her). Mine is next week and we always celebrated it together. I miss her. A lot. Tomorrow is the day that I would have been due had I not lost the pregnancy. I thought that by this time I would have two babies in my life with my big new house with the matching big mortgage payment. To be in the house (and a slave to the mortgage) and not have any babies kind of sucks. Another good friend who got pregnant the same time I did just had her baby. I feel like it is passing a milestone. I can put that part in the past now too. I know that it will all be ok because I can tell that I am doing better now then I was one month ago. I still have a long way to go and a lot of things to sort out, but it will happen. All in good time. I know that the right children will find me, no matter how they get here.

So thanks to all the faces out there that have helped make this better. I needed you and I hope that you know it is appreciated. I have learned more about service and compassion then I ever thought I would. I have a new respect for many of the people in my life and I will offer service in a different way now then I would have before. Live and learn, huh?

On a lighter note-the kids were awesome for Halloween. Lauren decided to be a leopard the actual night of Halloween (despite having an Annie costume all ready). She looked really cute. She just wanted to hand out candy so we didn't have too many doors. Jacob was the worlds cutest Yoda. He is so small and walks so fast that from behind, he kind of looked like the real Yoda. It was a little disconcerting, but sweet. My sister in law got married a few weeks ago and the whole family got to dress up. We might actually have a Christmas card picture this year!! It has been nice to have some fun family events. We have taken the Halloween decorations down and the Christmas ones are up. The Binghams have officially opened the holiday season at our home.


Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have a confession. Some of my favorite foods are not what you would typically think of as appetizing. I don't know where it came from. Some of the foods that I crave late at night are things that would make most people gag and run away.

The biggest one? Peanut Butter and Parmesan sandwiches on toast. Yup, that is right. Crispy wheat bread w/ chunky peanut butter on it, slightly melted from the heat of the bread. Grated, sharp and pungent Parmesan or Asiago cheese. Heaven. Even reading this makes me a little sick. I am just curious is anyone else has a secret food that they eat that is out of the norm......