Wednesday, March 08, 2006

If you aren't a Project Runway fan then you will not need to keep reading. I (like the rest of America) thought that Daniel would win and that if he didn't, Santino would. Hmmm. All season they punish Santino for being too thematic or artsy but let him stay on because he is good TV. Then, when he creates a collection that is beautiful and soft and thoughtful, they boot him because he is too SAFE? Come on Nina...stand up for the guy!

Chloe??? Really?

All of them did a good job and all deserved to win, but I still would have loved to see Daniel instead of Chole win. I did think that her pieces were the best in terms of color and construction. I also like that she could translate it into serious business opportunity. She knows that no matter how great the clothes are, if you don't know how to market them and keep your doors open, it is no use. Also, I loved her stuff all season. She is very nononsense. This was my favorite.

This outfit you will see at Bananna next season. Oh wait? Maybe we already saw it THIS season. This guy knows his market and he has such clean lines. I love that there is not much extra stuff on his things (besides that strange patch on the brown dress). It is timeless. All of his pieces could have been in several stores this season. Very impressive. This coat is my favorite.

This is the dress that Naomi Watts SHOULD have worn to the Oscars. I actually loved his stuff. I have a feeling we will be seeing Santino on Survior next and on Access Hollywood for the next few months. He is the new reality star we love to hate. Chloe markets her clothes. Santino marketed HIMSELF. Not bad.


Tracy M said...

Ok, I'm outing myself as a serious fan here.

I was soooo rooting for Santino! I really didn't all year, and I know they kept him because he made "good" tv, but his final collection was beautiful and soft and, well, beautiful. I loved it, and it wasn't fair that they snaked him for being too SAFE- I loved it.

Chloe made lovely things, but they kind of reminded me of sofa's from the 80's with all the satin and poofy sleves. Not my style at all. She does have business cache.

Daniel had started to bug me with his mopey-dog attitude, and that just turned me off to him. That said, I loved the white coat too.

SO Santino is the one with the flamboyant and wildly creative streak, and the one who everyone was the most interested in seeing what he did. I also think he is the one people will want to see what he does next. He is definately the one you don't forget, and isn't that half the battle? I think of him like Gaultier, or Vercace- wild and unpredictable, but lovely too.

I can't beleive I care about this!

Bek said...

Amen Tracy.

I didn't think I wanted Santino to win until I saw his collection against the other two and was SHOCKED.

I lived through the 80's phase that Chloe was designing and that makes me unqualified to judge. Ick.

This is one of the best shows on TV, in my opinion. :-)

La Yen said...

I did have to acknowledge the holla for the straight woman. And I have liked everything else she did through the season, but I felt like I was watching Dynasty when I saw her collection. I thought Santino's was crappy--it really looked like it did not fit At All.

wendysue said...

La Yen, you put into words exactly what I was thinking about some of Chloe's picks--Dynasty. . . couldn't you just see Linda Evans wearing that big poof of pink that was Chloe's first outfit down the runway?? I know maybe all that is coming back, but not for me thanks, maybe she could've added a little side-ponytail with that outfit??

Bek, love the picture of Tim and Santino. I have to admit I had all the best intentions to watch all season and kept missing most of the shows, but I was lucky and caught the huge marathon they were doing and was stuck to the tv all day. . .

I totally think Santino should be on Survivor, they'd be looking sweet in his new 'buff' designs!

Bek said...

Is anyone going to watch the new kitchen show? It was GOOOOOOOOD!!

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