Friday, September 12, 2008

What I did(n't) do this Summer

Sweet, sweet Friday.

A few days ago the weather turned (it will turn back in a few weeks. It is a trick that autumn likes to play on us, but she usually waits until we have put all the summer clothes away). We have been having really hot, heavy weather here and a few days ago we woke up to that cold smell in the air. You know how sometimes 65 degrees in the spring will have warm undertones and the promise of warm weather to come? In the fall, it is the same 65 degrees but it feels like there is a snap in the air and everything just feels more pumpkin-y.

Every week has been busier than the rest. I keep waiting for things to settle down, but they don't seem to, so I am changing my mindset to just think that this is the way it will be. I guess that is OK. I am keeping iTunes in business with all the podcasts and books on tape that I buy. I am spending so much time in the car, I actually have a pillow and blanket in there so I can catch a snooze while the kids are in various meetings. Buying a minivan was the best money spent EVER. We were able to switch a few of the girls appointments around. I used to have to drive home during rush hour after attending a class with Norah. It took me 60-90 minutes to travel a grand total of 16 miles. Now I have that class in the morning. I can't say enough about how wonderful the caseworkers, teachers and Early Development staff have been. The are bending over backwards to accommodate us because we have the two kids in the program. I have seen them do it for other people too. What a blessing this center is to us.

I have had some interesting comments, conversations and requests from some readers. This made me so happy--because it means I still have readers! Hurrah for comments and readers! Several people have asked what I feel about Sara Palin (I was even interviewed for the newspaper--but I didn't get put in the article b/c I don't think that I was the kind of mother he was looking for. Note to newspaper reports, Mormon does NOT equal evangelical. We are similar in many ways, but not quite the same...). I have a post about that. I also had an interesting experience that helped me come to a more healthy place about Miss Grace. I had a reader contact me. This reader and I have a LOT in common. We each have three kids (one bio and two adopted, black kids--one of whom has some development issues). She found out that she was having another bio child and early tests came back showing a higher than normal possibility of Down Syndrome. She contacted me to ask me some questions and in the process of emailing her, I was able to figure out some things that have crept up on me. I don't mean to do this as a tease, but I just wanted to get this down so I don't forget.

Right now I must go and do battle with my house. I decided to skip taking Jacob to preschool today (45 minute drive there, both the girls hanging out in the park with me for three hours on a blustery day, no thanks). I have laundry and dishes to do, fridges to clean, closets to straighten, beds to make, hair to do (mine and Norah's), children to spend time with, etc, etc, etc. I have a feeling that I will only get one or two things on the list accomplished. That's OK. It is nice to have a down day around here.

Hope you all have a great Friday. I will leave you with a piece of homework I found in Lauren's backpack today.

What I did this Summer (this is word for word--spelling intact)

This summer I went swiming and spent a day at my fierd Cameron he's so nice he has a 1st grade brother and a 3 year old brother named Ryly and 1 year old sister named kaly and I never got to go to the beach.

I like to read.

Hmmm. Glad you had so much fun with Cam, Lauren. I guess all that time/energy/money we spent visiting Utah, going to museums, playing with friends, attending fun parties, throwing fun parties, getting baptized, going to the Giants games, playing tennis, summer camp,etc, etc could have all been saved. I guess if we had just PROMISED to do all those things and then NOT done them, the last part of her first paragraph could have been longer. I am going to keep this and wrap her wedding present in it. :-)


danielle said...

just wanted to let you know that I am a reader ;)

Tablogger said...

We read your blog too!

The last part about Lauren's summer had us both laughing out loud. :-)

Nellie said...

Ok, I know, I owe you a huge comment. (ok, I know you don't feel I "owe" you, exactly.)

I have actually been wondering what your thoughts were on Ms. Palin -- she certainly is an interesting (brilliant) choice for the Republicans. I am a registered independant who tends to vote with the Dems. If the election were tomorrow, I would most likely vote for Obama, but Palin definitely made me pay attention to the other side again. Interesting election in SO many ways.

My hometown is getting pummeled (Galveston) by Ike, so I am glued to the weather channel. I am slightly surprised how much I like seeing my town on TV, even if it is for a very ominous reason. My Dad and his fam are evacuated, of course.

I LOVE hearing from you, and Sadie is doing great -- she's happy to get out of PE this week.

Syd said...

Ah Bek, you rule. Gracie is adorable, and so is Dobby. :) Glad you had a 'down' day, isn't it funny how our down days aren't really 'down'. Glad to hear you have come to a healthier place about Grace, I knew you'd get there. :) She really is a doll. And I'm glad that the therapy place is working with you. I used to work at an OT/PT place and our favorites were the kids. Enjoy the pumpkin-y fall, I am. I just made pumpkin bread. MMMM. I told the kids it tastes like 'fall'. I'm not sure they understood! :)

Bek said...

Nellie..I was watching Galveston today and was thinking about your family. I was going to ask about them on your thanks for letting me know...

Hi readers (hi Danielle!).

Tabers!! I love that you read. I want to smooch your baby.

Syd... you get the falling leaves, huh? I miss that, but not enough to have the winter that goes with it. I am getting there w/ Grace. Slow and steady.

Christie said...

Bek we have the hopes of fall here too - but we know in a week or so those fallish feelings will be hot again. Ella wore pants this week and I had to go buy Ethan some new jeans just because I got that pumpkiny vibe. I got on and bought the girls black and orange stripy tights anticipating pumpkin patch pictures and ethan the clone war rex costume that he wants for halloween. I feel nostalgia for Happy Hollow with you and Suzi and eating pumpkin ice cream and buying cute ghost and spider cookies.

wendy said...

You crack me up!

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

oodlesofoversons said...

Could this possibly be my long lost friend, RJ????? I keep in touch with Lisa, but I haven't talked to or heard from you since...your homecoming??? It is pure weirdness that I found you here...

carriej said...

Bek, I discovered you in September on accident, and immediately felt a connection with you--crazy this blog stuff! My one year old baby, Sophia Grace was born with Down syndrome a year last August. Never thought this would be my life and the journey has been incredible...I have been waiting to see what the new insights were that you were going to write about, later; because boy, it has been a journey for me also. I understand that you are a busy mom, like me and haven't been on for awhile, but I've missed ya, hope all is well.. Carriej in Utah