Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If you have ever wondered about children's television....

Any of you who have watched children's TV and thought...."WHAT?" need to read this post. She hits it right on the head. With the exception of Wallace and Grommett (which I am pretty sure is for grown ups anyway), it is all a little bit wacky.

I will have an actual original post soon, instead of redirecting you to other places where people have written good things. I have been stuck, mentally. I can't think of anything to say. Soon, soon.




compulsive writer said...

I had just left that post when I came to yours. What I love about yours is that you captured a rare and wonderful moment when the children were apparently mesmerized by real life and not by the wacky and sometimes disturbing children's programming on TV. Way to go!

Bek said...

You are too nice. I will always accept compliments. I love this picture for many reasons.

I am a novice and semi professional photographer. My daughter was invited to a "rainbow" birthday party a few years ago and all the kids were supposed to wear a color. I shot about 5 rolls of film that day just for fun.

The solid bright colors against the dark browns of the farm were very striking. The children are ones that I have known since birth and their moms are my dear friends.

Finally, we are at our beloved "donkey" park. Palo Alto has wonderful parks. This particular one borders a property that has chickens, geese and two donkeys. They let the kids feed them and on Saturday's they bring the donkeys out and let the kids pet them and walk them around. It is very fun. Lulu is getting a little too big for that now. Thank goodness I am a compulsive picture taker!!!

I am going to try to put more pictures in my posts. Everyone else seems to know how to do it. I am determined to figure it out!!

How do you know Johnna? She is my VT and I have noticed that she knows many of the same blogs that I do. She is great.