Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Review

You never know what is going to happen at our house on the weekend. Take for example this weekend, we managed do quite a few things that we have been trying to check off our list for a long time.....

Make armor to protect from marauding raiders:

Extort money from neighborhood children by charging
enormous amounts of money for shaved ice and sugar water:

Get Gracie started on her future caffeine addiction.
Look at that face...Drinky McDrunkerson!
Stage a Kabuki play.
CHECK! (What? You don't do Kabuki at your house?)

Get the kids started working off their indentured servitude:
Start their performance art training.
CHECK (we call this one "Crazy boy on Blanca Amiga)

It feels really good to get those things finally taken care of. Stuff like that can eat at you if you don't get right on top of it. SOMEONE is going to sleep well tonight.

1 comment:

older but wiser said...

And they all look so happy.Hope they REALLY were.

How did J. get the "stuff" on and off his face without getting it in his eyes?