Saturday, July 23, 2005


My husband, my son and I went to Chicago this weekend. I consider myself well traveled, but I had never been to Chicago (aside from the odd lay-over) . This trip was a big event for us. We weren't exactly excited about going, but we knew that it would prove to be an important time for our little family.

The reason for our trip was that our son's birth mother is getting married to Richard, the birth father of the unborn baby that she has asked us to adopt when he is born. Before we left I worried a little bit how to act during this weekend. What should I bring? What kind of gift is appropriate for this occasion? (Does the fact that we are paying for the dress, the shoes, the flowers and the rings COUNT as a gift?) Since I couldn't find a book on how to behave at the wedding of your son's birth mother on the occasion of her wedding to the birth father of the next child you will be adopting--I had to wing it.

Chicago was hot, humid and generally miserable. A friend of mine that lives there says that "it is so hot, it gives me an attitude". I agree. I pretty much had an attitude the whole time. We ran tons of errands; pick up the dress, pick up the cake, pick up the flowers, pick up the food, etc. LOTS of fun. The wedding started an hour and half late, but was beautiful anyway. The bride looked radiant and the groom was nervous.

The really cool thing (and the reason we went) is that my son got to see his birthmother again and spend time with his three older biological brothers. It is amazing how much they all look alike. I met lots of relatives that I wouldn't normally get to see. Grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings of Jacob and the next baby. I hope that if either of these boys want to know more about their family, they will be able to find comfort and info in these pictures. Michelle had a lot of problems with her family when she decided to place Jacob with us. Many didn't agree with her decision. Seeing us there, supporting her in this very important event gave them a little bit more tolerance. They don't know that we are getting the next baby yet, but as Michelle says "that really isn't any of their business".

I would finish this story but Michelle just called me to tell me she is in labor. I am getting ready to jump on a plane and go meet my new son. I hope everything goes ok. Most of all I hope that they are both healthy. This pregnancy has been full of health issues for both of them. I am very worried, but relieved that the worry is amost over and soon we will know exactly what we have. This is the time to put my OTHER mantra for my life into action. "It is what it is". I am saying this to myself all the times I am not telling myself to "ignore the crazy". Take it or leave it, this is the situation that I am in and there is no changing it.

Prayers would be nice, I will give you Chicago part deux when we return.


lisa v. clark said...

If I didnt' know you, I'd think you made up this entire, bizarre, extraordinary story. Good Luck with Chicago tonight-call me if you need me to take the kids

Bek said...

Half the time I wish the really exciting things in my life WERE made up. It is easier then having to live through it. Although, it does make for good dinner party stories.

Suzie Petunia said...

Seriously...your life sounds like a terrific plot for a novel. I hope everything goes beautifully - what an exciting time! Have a good and safe trip! I can't wait to hear more details!