Friday, July 21, 2006

Big News, HUGE news

Greetings blogworld.

I might be a mom again. A baby was born today to a potential birth mom that we learned about a few weeks ago (but we are sneaky and didn't tell anyone) and the baby wasn't supposed to show up for 2 or 3 weeks. Apparently today was the day. We jumped on a plane and came straight to Utah (this is where the birth family was living). We are hanging out with my parents and just waiting to hear what is going to happen.

Tomorrow is the earliest that T can sign the relinquishment papers. She may decide to wait a few days. I know that this is a very difficult time for her and she has a lot on her mind. This is not a case of her not wanting or loving this child...her life is just complicated right now. Please keep this woman in your prayers. We just want her to have the clarity of mind that she needs right now to make a HUGE decision.

This is not the first match we have had and this won't be the first match that has failed if she chooses to parent. We will live, but it gets harder to think that way once you are here, waiting for the decision......

You will have to stay tuned to hear what is going to happen. Tomorrow is the earliest we would know. I bet you didn't expect THAT!!!!!!!


c jane said...

Good Luck a million times over! I am so excited for you!

Syd said...

WOW!! Holding my breath and crossing my fingers!! So crazy!! Your potential birth mom is in my prayers!!!

Christy said...

Good luck! Get some sleep while you still can.

Fizzle said...

Gaaah! As I read your post, I was like, wait...did I go to the right site? Is this my Bek? On the cusp of potentially bringing home her third child?

GOOD LUCK! This is probably a very nerve-wrecking/exciting/difficult time. You don't know whether to be excited or not and every day is a huge hurdle while you wait. You're in my thoughts, the birth mother's in my thoughts and I'm so excited and nervous for you myself.

Look at you, girl. Keeping secrets. I thought you told all the strangers, weirdos, spammers and your friends online alllll your personal business? ;-)

Erin said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers today. How exciting and nerve-wracking, all at them same time! We have "been there done that" so I know how it goes. Please do let us know as soon as you can.

Ok, and just out of sheer curiousity. The next letter in T's name isn't "e" is it??? Marcus's birthmom's name starts with Te, and she has placed another little boy besides Marcus, and never tells the other adoptive families when she is pregnant again... (you can just email me if you rather).

Good luck. Hang in there today and let us know!!!!!

Bek said...


I was actually IN THE PROCESS of writing you an e mail (and I almost spilled it in the "lets get together" e mail) when I got the call. I would have told, the baby just came so early.

Sadly, with domestic we have learened to just keep it quiet. KWIM? WIth intl you KONW there is a baby once you announce it...but this is different. We were still gathering our dossier stuff. We figurd if this baby fell into our laps then we would take it, but I still kind of can't belive it..... I guess I will belive it when it is over.........

I am sad not to do Africa but very happy that this whole thing is over. THis baby found US!!

wendysue said...

Have some delicious Mayan Chocolate ice cream with Lisa while you're waiting!! Can't wait to hear the news. .

more caffeine, please said...

I'm praying right now!

~j. said...

Bek - I am overwhelmed with anticipation for you.

*pray pray pray*

Betina said...

Holy Crap! Congratulations!

What agency were you signed up with? THis is amazing!