Monday, June 02, 2008

So you think you can....



use the computer w/ out a tyrant of a 3 year old hanging off your arms?


You can't.

So, I have been putting off blogging because I have all these great, thought provoking posts in my head that I wanted to get onto paper, but it just doesn't seem to happen. So, no blogs. The good news is that my brain is still, apparently, working because the posts are still in my head. I have also decided to get a laptop so that I can write/blog/keep in touch on the go. I am never at my house these days, and when I am, Cubby is such a stinker that it isn't worth getting on the computer (that top picture was from when I offered him a snack of hummus, and he baptised the computer in it. So, hummus is out....) I also fall into bed at 7:15 each night (that is 15 minutes after all children are deposited in their rooms--what they do after that, I don't care, as long as they are quiet!). I am just FULL of excuses aren't I?

So, I have vowed that I will post something every day this week to get back into the habit of it. I even got up extra early to do this. I miss this part of my life and my blog friends. Several of you have had babies since I last wrote (welcome to the world Miss Ainsley Jane and Miss Meera Grace and Mr. Chief...), some have gotten married (remember my "manny" last year? He married his sweetie-pie last weekend...) and others have just continued to write witty posts that inspire me. More than three people have also told me in the last week that they depend on my blog posts to keep up with me and I am letting them down. There is also a small fear that my mom might come and steal my kids in the night (well, the baby and Lu and possibly Her Majesty Norah--but not Cubby...) so she can actually see them again.... so here it goes.... here is my post and here are some pictures of the last few weeks.

We have been knee deep in laundry here because the dreaded tummy bug finally got to us. Cubby got it first. He had the nerve to get sick the night we had some of our friends over for dinner and grilled fillet mignon. Doesn't he know how much that stuff costs? The injustice of cleaning steak off your carpets at three in the morning is more than I can bear. I might have been just a BIT more tolerant if he was puking the normal dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs. Seriously. I have never been more grateful for washing machines in my life. I imagine that the pioneer women didn't enjoy the nights their kids puked up whatever it is the pioneer kids eat any more than we do, but it took them lots longer to get the laundry done (and I can see it now--if pioneers had blogs "today Hyrum vomited after we had a special dinner of buffalo. Doesn't he know how long it took me to hunt/kill/skin/cook that thing? The nerve...). Oh wait, they did have blogs. Except they called them journals.

See. My brain really is gone.
Anyway--here are the woodland creatures over the last weeks. We visited Utah and saw all the family (almost all, HI Kate and Matt!).

We have been taking turns visiting Dad at his office. This is his view. No wonder he always sounds calm at work. You can't see it but Jacob's head is blocking Alcatraz and to the left is the Golden Gate Bridge. Wicked view.

We let the kids use my camera phone during our flight out. They caught some really good shots.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the mid's. They seem like they are the same age now, instead of a toddler and a baby. They play really well together and really enjoy being together. It is really sweet to see (and ABOUT time)....

Hello Lu and the lovely grandparents! They are known as Pappa and Sweetie around these parts. They still think my kids are charming and fun, which is really lucky for us.

Lauren and her beloved cousin, Abigail. This relationship is the best example of hero worship I can think of. Lauren really wishes we lived closer and so do I because Ab's is a great girl.

This must be why I can never find those cute diaper covers for Norah. Lauren did this look for her and then proudly declared "for Halloween Norah should be either Minnie Mouse or Oprah!". I am not sure which part reminded her of Oprah. The hot pink head cover? Maybe?

Yeah, I totally see Oprah.

See you all tomorrow!


more caffeine, please said...

Yay, so glad you're back. Your kids CRACK me up.

citymama1 said...

It's fun to see you blogging, again. I am well acquainted with the dangers of hummus so I feel your pain. I loved the pictures. Baby Grace is like a little doll!

Anonymous said...

Really glad you're back and, um, that's a private jet, huh?


Danielle in CO

Ana said...

Oh, fantastic pictures. The hummus jazz hands are my favorite! I'm looking forward to frequent updates from your laptop!

La Yen said...

Will Norah give me a car? And a "classic" book recommendation?

I am glad you are back. I miss you.

mayhem said...

I'm so glad you're updating! The kids look great. Obviously they keep you on your toes!

Julie P said...

My Josh and your Cubby - twins somehow separated by a couple years. Crazy similarities. Love your family! (and feelin' your pain)

wendy said...

That was too long of a break! I love reading about your kids and seeing their cute pics. ;-)

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

compulsive writer said...

Thanks for the update--the kids are sooooo cute!

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm so excited to check in with you all week! It was so fun to see you last weekend - and your adorable kiddos. I'm so glad you came!

Betina said...

I love it when you return to the blog world! Please stay! I've been missing your stories.

As for Haley Ann Warner, the photographer, i just know her from the blogworld. She is a great photographer!

Everyone is looking great at your house.

Do you fly a private plane?

tracy m (dandelion mama) said...

Hooray!! You're back!

Yes, I know you called- and I know I'm a bad friend for not calling back... life is just so... well, you know, right now.

Woman, is that a Gulfstream? Or just a measley Lear? :)

So glad you're back. I've missed you.

Haley said...

Love your super long post.. great to see the fam. :) Let me know when you're coming back to utah and we'll take some pics. I'm in. :)

wendysue said...

Loving the picture of Jacob and Norah holding hands. . .so sweet. (and they weren't even in time out were they? That's what my kids get when they fight!)

Queen Scarlett said...

Good to see you back!

Love the pictures of your kids...they are adorable.

It's still weird for me to see that R.B. is your father-in-law. That he used to be the CEO of a client's rival in the EDA world. ;-)

Bek said...

I know right? I forget that he is that guy too... till we get on his plane...