Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's me.
(and in this picture I am dressed up as Maleficent....I know, I know, it is a good look for me)

Are you surprised? Didn't you know that my husband and I are wildly wealthy and we only travel by limo and private plane--if we can't fly private we refuse to fly at all. We also have a full time nanny, even though I am a stay at home mom. My house cleaners come each week, but they would rather play with the baby than clean (it is so hard to find good help these days). I don't know what we would do without our gardener Raphael. He keeps the flowers looking so beautiful, but I really need to get after him about the sprinklers. Did I mention that there are only certain brands of clothes that I will wear and put my children in? There are certain stores I refuse to shop in.

What? You didn't know this about me? You didn't know that this is how I live? Do you like me less now? Would you want to read the blog of a woman like this? How ready were you to come back tomorrow and talk about this blogger? I was practically foaming at the mouth and I KNEW it was ME. You don't have to admit if you made a judgement or not, but I bet you did form some kind of an opinion, didn't you? -

To be honest, there is an element of truth in each of those things, so lets revisit the paragraph, should we?
Are you surprised? Didn't you know that my husband and I are wildly wealthy (compared to many people in the world) and we only travel by limo and private plane (We do fly in private planes, but this is a perk of traveling with my in laws. My FIL is an "important" man. He works really hard and sits on the board of many large companies, gives commencement addresses and speaks at the World Economic Forum. He likes to fly private, and we like to hitch hike)--if we can't fly private we refuse to fly at all (also true. I am a driver. I would rather drive in the minivan to Utah than fly commercial. I just can't handle the wait, the small seats, the security, the parking, the schlepping.... no way. If we fly there, it is on the jet--not commercial--not because I am snooty but because it is too expensive and too painful. At this point in my life, going farther than that is just not worth it). We also have a full time nanny, even though I am a stay at home mom (this is another post for another day, but I do. She is wonderful. I couldn't do it without her). My house cleaners come each week, but they would rather play with the baby than clean (it is so hard to find good help these days). (I have already written about my ladies. I love them. They love my kids. Their kids are all in Mexico and they ADORE holding Ace and playing with Cubby and Norah. One brings her niece to play with Lu--and I am so, so lucky I found someone that not only cleans my house, but loves my family). I don't know what we would do without our gardener Raphael. He keeps the flowers looking so beautiful, but I really need to get after him about the sprinklers. (Raphael is currently the reason my husband and I can have a cordial relationship. I hate yard work and I don't want to do it. D works ALL the time and his precious hours home he doesn't like to spend mowing the yard. Raphael is great and he can do a "mow and blow" for one year for less than it would cost us to buy a lawn mower--PLUS he does the edging, fixes the sprinklers that my kids break and is helping me design and implement an herb and flower garden. Maybe I will learn to like yard work. Don't hold your breath) Did I mention that there are only certain brands of clothes that I will wear (Gap long sleeved T shirts b/c they are cheap and my kids hair grease ruins them really quickly) and put my children in? (similarly cheap clothes that don't make me want to cry when the hair grease gets them, except Cubby--he gets the CUTEST hand-me-downs EVER from my friend Suzi) There are certain stores I refuse to shop in (Walmart and Mervyns. I just hate them).

I know, I know, cry me a river, right? I hope that my blog doesn't come off like this (or that I come off like that in real life...) but I could because it all depends on how I present it and how you interpret it. I think that all my explanations show me to be normal-ish, but who knows? This leads nicely into another post that has been bouncing around in my head. I have even been emailing with some other bloggers (who might not want to be named) to talk about it. I have spoken about this to my IRL friends (some bloggers, some not). Why do we blog? What is the point? Do we expect the bloggers we read about to be like their blogs? Are we disappointed when they aren't? As bloggers do we feel like we owe it to our "readers" to show all of our selves? Do you struggle with only showing part of yourself on your blog? Do you feel that people view you in a way that is not at all how you are? Do we sometimes forget that bloggers are REAL PEOPLE and not characters in a book or show, even though we get to follow their stories in a chapter by chapter format, just like a soap opera? Is blogging the new soap opera? The book version of reality TV?

Let me back up a bit. A few months ago the word got out that Bravo TV and the people that do Real Housewives were casting for a new show called Dads Club in our area. They were looking to cast dads that seem to have a balance in their lives and are middle to upper class. They wanted it to be "classy" not trashy. My husbands name was put forward and they were eager to talk to him/us. We are kind of the jackpot for this kind of reality TV show. Here are the things that the casting director identified as reasons we would be interesting to other people: we are young (both for having kids and for when we got married), we adopted, we are a trans racial family, we have a special needs child, we are Mormon (conservatives in a liberal area), D has an Ivy League education, D has a good job and has climbed the ladder in his company really quickly, we are financially secure, we have 4 kids (almost unheard of here...even amongst the LDS folks...).... you get the idea. A veritable reality TV show jackpot.

I was interested in seeing how far we could take this, but let me be clear, there was NEVER any question that we would even consider this show. We would not do this in one million, billion years. Mainly, we all have skeletons in our closets and ours are ones that I don't want everyone to read about in US Weekly (if the show did well, that is). Our current skeletons are just fine where they are with a very, very small audience that even cares about them. We also have our kids' families to consider. We don't want to put THEM in a position of being "found", especially Norah's mom. Nor do we want to give them (or anyone else) a forum to have any kind of say about our family beyond the relationships that we currently have. Some people have been vocal about certain aspects of our adoption arrangements and I don't want these opinions preserved for my kids to see someday. These are the kids of things that can happen when you put yourself out there for the public to view. Those are the big reasons, but there are little ones too. You don't get to choose how you are portrayed on reality TV. We could be cast as the sweet, religious family, or we could end up being the rich, spoiled family that adopted kids but then didn't bother to parent them and left them with the nanny while we jetted around the world on our private plane. Also, I am not at this point willing to be the spokesperson for Down Syndrome, Mormonism and/or adoption. I am not willing for my choices to be debated the way that I have seen others debate and cast judgement on people that are on TV (myself included..I often forget that they are real people and not just characters...). Not my thing. I started asking around if other people would do a show like this. Most said no. Then I asked if they felt that their blog was the same thing. Most said "no...maybe...sort of......wait.........". Then I wondered if my blog was the same thing. I had certainly put myself and my family "out there". What was the point? Do I sometimes wish that I had kept it all with code names and no pictures so that people didn't really know who I was? Would that change what I would right? (you bet it would....).

Remember before when I said that I was aware of bloggers that were popular in blogworld and came across one way, but that the people in real life were not nice. That is true. I was mostly thinking about myself, but there are others that I would say aren't much like what their blog persona is. Keep in mind that doesn't always mean that on the blog they are "nice" and IRL they are not--some come across much more outgoing or introspective on their blogs than they seem to me IRL. But I realize that I only see a few sides of people. Very few people ever really, really know all of our sides and see us at our very worst and most raw. On a blog we get to CHOOSE what we show. It is like the worlds longest (and biggest) internet dating relationship. We can pick the best pictures to show and tell our stories in a funny and witty way. That is very different from being late to church and still in maternity clothes, having your kids scream all through nursery and then have to deal with one child peeing through his clothes and another biting a classmate. I didn't exactly CHOOSE for that to be the introduction of our family to our new ward, but that is the way it was (what can we say? We are going for the whole "set the bar really low and shock them later when you show them that your children actually CAN act like human beings" thing in this ward...). On a blog we can be the person that has very clever and fun things to say about the latest episode of Top Chef (which is tonight...yay) but you don't see that we have absolutely NO patience with our kids right now and pretty much hid from them all day. It is like being on dating behaviour all the time but I never have to get out of my PJ's. I'd say what Facebook is for my little brothers, blogging is for me. I can interact with people on a level that I am comfortable with and share what I am comfortable with.

Today you all learned certain aspects about my life that most people didn't know, because I chose not to talk about them on the blog. Some of them are things that I don't really think are important or interesting. Some of us choose not to talk about things that aren't interesting or important to us or things that are embarrassing or things that aren't really something that we want the world to know. Some people use their blog as a forum to do EXACTLY those things. I am aware of a blog that one woman wrote during the separation (and eventual divorce) from her husband. It was brutal. It was full of so much powerful emotion. I was amazed, but that is how she chose to share herself with the world. I would imagine that it helped people-- but mostly it helped her. I have also seen blogs that mostly dwell on the mundane and seemingly uninteresting things in life and somehow turn it into something that is interesting for me to read.

I have had the pleasure of finding people that I used to know IRL (that is In Real Life) and seen how they have evolved and changed over the years via their blogs. I have been surprised at the opinions expressed by others that I thought I knew (things like nursing and politics). I have been shocked and amazed and appalled at how under the veil of commenting as "anonymous" we are able to say very hurtful and terrible things to and about each other and wonder if we would say those things face to face. I have also been tempted to BE that person and leave a comment under "anonymous". I have been surprised at some of the posts I have written and how much emotion they have stirred up. Mostly the ones about adoption and mostly from people that found me via a search. But it is still strange to have someone comment on YOUR life and YOUR choices. It's like being a celebrity without all the money. But, it is something that I CHOSE to put up there, so it is fair game. We all know that about blogging.

OK, this is part one and just some of what is bouncing around in my head. I would be interested in hearing about your view on some of the questions I have asked. Mostly because it is going to be interesting to see if YOU respond in the way that I think you will...from what I know about your blog persona.... I have always wanted to just write down what I think that the people who write the blogs I read are like and see how close I am....

Tomorrow in the second part of this I want to talk about how you figured out what the audience for your blog is and where you draw the line in "sharing".


Christy said...

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you're back to blogging. I've had one of those days (my "nanny" days are Tuesday and Thursday so MWF are always a little rough) so I don't know how coherent this comment will be. I just know that if I don't comment now, I never will.

Even though we haven't met IRL, I feel a sort of kinship to you b/c of the whole transracial adoption/special needs/Mormon things we share. Reading blogs helps me cope with the day. I try to avoid the mommy blogs where everything is great and kids are always a joy and how dare you think they will thrive and succeed if you don't breastfeed/avoid tv/no sugar/etc... I love my kids and certainly wouldn't trade them (problems and all) but sometimes I just need to keep it real. I try to share as much as possible on my blog because I really do consider it my journal. There have been some major things that shouldn't be blog material that I've certainly kept out of the public eye but other than that---it is all out there.

compulsive writer said...

Ditto Christy--I LOVE having you back, too!

You know, I'm pretty much an open book. There are things I don't talk about because they involve other people who would not appreciate my disclosure, but I think I'm pretty honest about who I am and how I feel.

I blog because I have to get things out of my head before I go too crazy.

I write what I want to write and since I don't have a lot of readers I don't worry too much about pleasing anyone or showing a certain side of myself. In fact, I wish I could be completely honest, because sometimes I worry that people will think my kids are all perfect on those occasions when I feel like writing something nice about them. They're not.

I also wish I had an outlet for my worries, fears and heartbreaks, but I haven't figured out a way to do that without trespassing on other people's privacy. So I keep it inside and sometimes that's a lonely way to go. Oh well.

Having met you IRL I will also admit I suspected you were talking about yourself (except I didn't know about Raphael--Do you have a cabana boy, too? Because I really want to get me one of those.). And I didn't care. You are down to earth, I've heard your horror stories about flying commercial and frankly I'm happy you've got help with all you've got on your plate. I only hope that next time you fly this direction I get to see you. It's been awhile!

citymama1 said...

Love this post! I do love that you "keep in real" in your posts...or at least I think it's real. It's a blog so I can never really know for sure. :)

Blogging is an amazing cultural phenomenon for sure. I love how it connects people who might have normally never met, and how it can be a way to stay in touch with those we might normally never keep in contact with. It does come with a lot of negative consequences as well. For one, it's a bit addicting. Especially at first. Secondly, I think a lot of people ( and I've even been guilty of this once or twice) do things they might not normally do just so they can blog about it and portray themselves in a particular way. Thirdly, I think blogs can sometimes just be another way to "Keep up with the Jones'" and brings conspicuous consumption to the "net". If I feel a blog is more a "look what I have" blog, I usually just quit reading it. After all, it's their blog. And lastly, I think there is a real danger of perhaps putting too much out there. Not that some nutso is going to come steal your kids or anything, but maybe a story or anecdote that happened could lead to the hurt feelings of people you know IRL. Once it's posted that's it. Even if you remove the post later, its probably been seen and there's no taking it back. I always try to be very careful. I try to only make fun of myself.

That being said, I think in general blogging is a good thing. I like to be able to write down my thoughts or funny things that happened to me that day. I have my haphazard blog for me that is usually just nonsense but I also have an unlisted blog that I keep just for family and friends. I use real names and post more family pictures. It is more of our family journal. I also enjoy reading blogs of people I know or wish I knew. It's a nice outlet for my nosiness.

I enjoy reading your blog and like that you "keep it real". It's nice to see other people's kids like to finger paint with hummus, too. :) And I think it's sweet that you get to hitch a ride on a private jet. I also enjoy reading your blog because we're hoping to adopt from Ethiopia and I like to see how other transracial families make it work. Maybe we can chat more about that sometime IRL.

And, speaking of reality TV. I also can't wait for Top Chef. Down with Lisa. Bleh. The funny thing about that statement is I'm sure IRL Lisa is probably just lovely...or maybe not. You never can be too sure about "reality". :)

Sorry about the ubber long comment.

I'm done now.

I promise.

Azúcar said...

"Hate" isn't that far away from "flat-out jealous."

I'd take never flying commercial, housekeepers, and gardeners too.

I mean honestly, if you NEVER have to live with another flight attendant telling you that YOU have to scrub the plane, that will be too soon (that story still shocks me.)

I think you are the same on your blog as in real life, except even more fun in real life.

I know we've disagreed on topics here and there (blush) but I honestly think that's what great about blogging: you can read someone else's perspective and learn something. I love learning from other people. I love to hear perspectives I've never thought about.

tracy m (dandelion mama) said...

Woamn, do you know I'm missing the first part of Top Chef because I wanted to read this first?? That's how much I love you!

I don't think I can play all of this game, because I knew all of those things about you already- and I was smiling when I read the intro.

Now, I must be off to was TC... And for the record, I felt immediate kinship with you when we met- you were exactly like I imagined- forthright, frank, down to earth, honest and you have chutzpah. Can a Mo say that? :)

Queen Scarlett said...

I think that some people get annoyed with things because they don't have them. It's like because they don't have it they have to be pissy about it. That annoys me. Always has. Why can't we just be happy for each other...but then I live behind rose colored glasses... har.

You are so fun to hang's like constant fresh air. For one thing ... you talk faster than I can read. I always thought I talked fast...but you have me beat and I love it. I could never stand talking to someone who spoke so slowly that I was trying to fill in the blank out loud. I was always wrong - and it would drive the other person crazy and...dislodge the thought....and it would start all over again.

You are real - that's why I like you.

Me... I blog for me. In fact, Cabesh and I would talk about this - and I blogged for my babies... for my family. If my friends happened to like it... cool. It's my free therapy. I have my own blog just for me in addition to my exclusive family blog... haha - because then I have a place to piss on everything and not have it next to cute pictures of my girls.

I think the older I get the less I care what comes out of my mouth..unless it will hurt someone I care about. Wow... I have a long road to heaven.

Maybe that kind of blogging is selfish... but I'm not doing it for anyone but me...and I'm ok with that.

To be truthful - there have been folks I thought were fantastic and then I learned from folks that knew them in real life and ... I got disillusioned with them.

I like to keep it real.

ps. Bloggers aren't the only ones that deal with it... you should see some of the women in my ward who aren't comfortable with keeping it real.

Rachel said...

I picked up on the private jet photos in the last post and I thought... cool, they ride in a private jet:-) Blogging is such a funny thing - you do choose what you present about yourself and your family and the more honest we can keep it (without divulging anything that would threaten those around us), the more likely we are to impact the people around us. For me, your family has provided some inspirational stories that MORE than overcome any pangs of jealousy I'll feel the next time I travel coach.

Teresa said...

I suspected that you were talking about yourself. I think that people who judge are usually those who secretly want what they can't have and are jealous of those that do. Wouldn't we all like to have a full time nanny, I know I certainly would. I'd give my right eye for a maid! I see no problem in it.

As far as blogging, I agree that we tend to throw out only the positive. I know at times I go weeks without blogging because I just am having a crappy time. I have a hard time letting people IRL see that in me, so it is even harder in the blog world where everyone might be watching. I have even considered having a separate blog for straight venting. I’m too concerned about letting people see the real me.

Keep doing what you’re doing and keep it real. I’ve enjoyed peeking in on your family.

Leisha said...

You know, I think you would be surprised to know that I figured out almost all of those things about your life just by reading your blog regularly. I wasn't shocked by ANY of them. It eeks out in little words and phrases and topics covered (i.e. "Kate Spade Bag", "I'm getting a nanny", um, your house!)

I get what you are saying about "blog personas" and honestly, I'm fine with that. I noticed on a popular blog I read that people in real life rarely interacted with the person and they seemed to have social anxiety, but on the computer they are the person they wish they could be. No harm, no foul.

I use blogging to get to know the people in my real life better. It sounds strange, but I have to do a ton of stuff in regular life with being a foster parent (speech therapy, multiple visits of various kinds, dr. appointments) on top of being a regular busy Mom to my other I'm in Nursery at church so interacting with people isn't easy!

I've made closer friendships with people in my ward through blogging and I'm so glad to have an outlet for it. In my case the opposite thing happened. They might have made certain opinions of me based on the fact that they NEVER see me, but when they read my blog they "get" me and they know what I'm going through and how busy and active my life is. I have a close group of girlfriends now in real life thanks to blogging.

But, I agree with you, it's easy to forget that some people are real. When I first starting reading certain blogs I was amazed and inspired by their "shiny happy people" feel, but now I realize that no one's life is like just isn't. Adversity and struggles are constant in everyone's life, period, no doubt about it. They don't have to show that in blogland, but I'm only helped by those blogs that DO (like yours...)

Bek said...


I LOVE that you got to know people better via blogging. That is so cool. I also have had the chance to cement some friendships via blogging. Especially as moms, we don't have the chance to have long and thoughtful conversations without interruptions, do we?

Christy, your family and mine are so alike in so many ways. I remember that you introduced yourself just after you guys brought Eva home..then it turned out that you met Wendy--who knows my friends Lisa... small world. I know that your struggles with Caleb have helped me have some valuable perspective

Compulsive... you are always thoughtful and thought provoking. It is the very fact that I knew I wouldn't be facing you day to day that allowed me to share things with you and that turned out to be such a blessing. You have helped me so much lately. How can I help you?

Citymamma.. Ethiopia? How cool. We were "THISCLOSE" when we got Norah. I read adotions blogs like scripture when we were in that phase. I haven't totally ruled it out yet for our family, but we need a few years to catch our breath.... can't wait to follow your story.

Tracy--your writing makes me remember what it means to cherish being a mother. I wish that we had more time together, but lucky for me you have family near where I I'll take what I can get, though I suspect that flying with all your kids alone puts the same fear into you as it does into me??? It is SO expensive (even for the cheapie SWA flights) and so charged with fear and emotion...well there I go again..

Theresa--welcome. I checked out your blog and I loved it. I love that you are in the process of adopting. I still get the chills when I read about others stories of their referral, the first meeting, etc. I have to go back in the archives and find out who you are with, etc, but this is very exciting!!! Thanks for sharing.

Azucar--your opinions and talents are one of the things that I love the best about you. I also love seeing the other perspecitve. I don't expect others to change their mind to my views but I do love a debate... also, you are the most honest person I keep that up!

Rachel--my daughter has been reading my blog (some of it..) and she was really excited to see some of the pictures she had taken, since they were all on the plane..well, I didn't mean to share that particular aspect. As for MY small family unit, we are normal (well, we do have a house here, but we saved for 10 years...). We don't fly private, even commercial is to pricy for me. As for the cleaners, it is my treat for myself. My husband is finally at a point in his career where there is a little bit of extra. This is what we decided to spend it on so that our time together is doing family things that don't involve yard work or cleaning. Make no mistake, I am the maid every other day. Usually by about 10 hours after they have left, the house is a mess again, but at least I know that under all that mess, the toilets have been scrubbed and nothing is growing under the couch....

Queen. No one mothers her daughters better than you do. You also have had such a gift from YOUR parents. I love what they have taught you and I love when you share it on your blog. They are very wise people.

Also, please know that there are parts of me and my life that will NEVER see the light of day in blog land. The biggest things in my life are never going to be talked about here. It is sad too because I think that it is what has made me who I am and there are things that I wish I could share with the world--if only to have other avoid doing the same things I did. SO, like Dalene, I will do it alone... ;-)

Bek said...

Also, Queen... I love that you blog jsut for you and that you have a different place for the icky stuff. That is great.

I think that most women blog as a form of therapy/creative outlet as well as to keep the family record. It can be an intersting dychotomy.

As for people who seem great on blogs and hard to know IRL..I like to hope that the blog personna is a part of them that I just don't get to see. I don't know if those personnas are totally FAKE--it is just a part of the them that is harder to see IRL...

I do know of a blog where someone was pretending to be from England and had married someone from here... it was a pretty good story and a creative outlet for her....

Julie P said...

When I started reading, I was wondering why you were talking about yourself like that. Duh. Get it now. ;)

When I started blogging, I think I was afraid to show my whole self - I was afraid that if people saw the "real" me - my friends would roll their eyes and run away. On my blog (to my parents dismay), what you see is what you get. I just don't have time for BS. Is there stuff that I hide? Sure, but not much. Should I hide more? Yep, and that became quiet clear a few weeks ago.

Bek said...

Julie--I know what you are are talking about... I am going to address that too...

I think that I am lucky to know some really great women IRL and in blogworld.

Maybe it takes a diffrent perspective because if we know someone from a blog, when we meet them, instead of being dismayed at how they are different from their blog, we add that to the mix and feel like we know them BETTER than normal..hmmmm

Ana said...

You know, Bek, I will tell you the truth: There are times when I am really wickedly jealous. In a childish, "that's not fair" kind of way. It is a character flaw and I usually at least try to keep it to myself. And eventually I remind myself that next year my husband will NOT be in graduate school and a lot of things that make me nuts right now will start to change, and I get over it.

We all have things in our lives that knock us sideways and make it hard to remember and be grateful for even the very most amazing blessings. I learn a lot from your ups and downs. It takes a lot of courage to share that. I appreciate it a lot.

And I still am utterly addicted to pictures of your kids and I want to meet y'all something fierce. Are you by chance thinking of attending the showing of "Nobody Knows" at the SF Black Film Fest June 14? Maybe?

The Motherboard said...

de lurking yet again. I read your blog alot through google reader... But, I really wanted to comment on this topic.

For me, my blog has seriously been a form of free therapy. I had a baby right around the same time that you did, and usually get PPDepression terribly.(like i usually need medicine) However, this time around it has been nominal, and I attribute that strictly to blogging. I have an
outlet for my feelings. My sorrows. My worries, AND the happy things too. I have my secret blog too where I moan and groan about everyone and everything. That's therapy for me too! Blogging and commenting/getting comments is like a great big group therapy session. Its not only a dumping ground so to speak, but a healing ground too.

I try to write about it all... good and bad. If people like it--hey great! Thats just frosting for me. If they don't.. eh. Who cares. This is for me, and eventually for my kids. I mean, hopefully some day, when my kids are wondering if this whole parenting thing is worth it... they can read my blog and know that I struggled too. Yet, I I did my best, and loved them best I could. Even if they did bug the crap out of me at times... maybe that will be helpful for them, when they are being haunted by the guilt monster because of how they were feeling.
Does that make sense?

How lucky for you to have all the wonderful things you do. I wouldn't let what others think harsh your mellow!!

I really do like your blog! Your kiddies are adorable. Thanks for sharing it and putting it out there for the rest of us to glean from.

jennie w. said...

I'm pretty new to blogging, but I try to be honest and keep it real. I am pretty much that way in real life too. My husband hates it. He is a firm believer in façades. I wish I could be more gossipy on my blog, but that would definitely come to haunt me. I'll just have to use the phone for that!

My DH's parents used to have a private jet and it was the greatest thing ever. He retired a couple of years ago and it was the saddest thing. I would sigh and press my fingers against the glass every time we'd pass by the private flight hangar at the airport.

I don't have any cleaning ladies or gardeners, but I would be utterly thrilled to. I would also like someone who potty trains my children, cleans out my car and puts away my groceries.

wendy said...

I love your honesty. And your humor. I feel like you probably are the same in real life as you are on your blog. And even if you aren't, who cares ('cause you couldn't be that different)? I still love your blog and think that we could be friends if we ever really met.

I used to share it all on my old online journals/blogs. Then I started getting stalked by a crazy lady (step-father's ex wife). That made me more careful (password). Then my kids started getting older and a couple asked not to be blogged about. That gave me pause. So, I still share a fair amount, lots of photos, etc. I try and be honest and yet not too depressing or keep the complaining to a minimum. I am not a creative, amazing mom. I yell at my kids, send them to bed without dinner when the need arises (like one son breaking a branch off our little tree on purpose!), don't always have a perfectly clean house, with amazing meals, and I rarely put anything on besides a t-shirt and jeans. I get jealous when I read about people who appear more put-together than I (which isn't so darned hard), and then I tell myself that the cool bloggers are all probably lying. ;-) (I am also jealous of people who can spell and use proper grammar.)

It is always refreshing to read blogs like yours--people keepin' it real.

I am writing this after only having an hour sleep last night, because we showed our 12 & 13 year olds Sixth Sense and the 12 year old was crying and scared to death all night. So, if it seems a little weird or disjointed, that's why.

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet (who wishes she could fly on a private jet and is happy that if I can't--you can!)

Just be...... said...

Love YOU!!!