Monday, November 20, 2006


Due to the fact that I have done nothing but play with iTunes and be lazy this weekend (not to mention a sudden and visceral hatred of this whole "blog a day" thing) I am keeping the song thing up............

MORE SONGS!!!!!!!!!


compulsive writer said...

OK, I'll still play.

Celtic Christmas (a collection)

Celtic Voices: Women of Song

(these only work if you like the Celtic thing)

and finally, in a totally unrelated genre: Walk the Line (the soundtrack)

Christy said...

Living in Indiana gave me a testimony of John "Cougar" Mellencamp (I will never forget the "Cougar"!).

If you like music in Spanish, I recommend Te Dejo Madrid by Shakira.

Wendy and I went to see Pat Benatar this summer and I can't get enough of Heartbreaker, Love is a Battlefield, We Belong, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and Invincible.

Barracuda by Heart

Vertigo by U2

Separate Ways by Journey

Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas

tracy m said...

I'll second the shakira recommend. Also, try the Next Stop Wonderland soundtrack. Usually I'm not big on soundtracks, but this is full of bosa nova and brasilian music. Yum.

Also: Natalie Merchant- Tigerlilly
Blues Traveller- Four
Sarah Mclaughlin- Mirrorball
Give me a good old Soundgarden album any day- yum on the Chris Cornell!
And then there's always the Grateful Dead, my fallback music anytime I need a pick-me-up.
John Denver- greatest hits
Eva Cassidy- live at the Blues
I like Pantera too, but that might not be what you have in mind...

Much like you, I'm all over the map musically-- my cd player might have the Tab Choir, The Dead, The Dead Kennedy's and some Henry Rollins, right next to the Louis Armstrong. What can I say?

Posting every day IS hard.

c jane said...

Have you ever listened to Morcheeba? It's so groovy. Try Love is Rare from Fragments of Freedom.

Queso said...

I made an iMix for you tonight. I'll post it tomorrow or Wed. I still have to figure out how to blog it. I'm pretty slow.

AzĂșcar said...

I can't remember what I've sent you...

Rachael Yamagata
The Lucksmiths
Rhett Miller

Dana said...

OK, here are some more staples around here:

The Killers
Good Charlotte
Yeah Yeah Yeah's
Maroon 5
Depeche Mode
The Goo Goo Dolls
Def Leppard's Greatest Hits

So many more...LOL!

Lucky Red Hen said...


Everyone should be on and we can all share our favorites SO much easier!

It's FREE (I promise because my husband is the owner).

jayme & jon said...

I definitely second the Morcheeba recommendation. And the walk the line soundtrack. Here are a few others:

the shins
imogen heap / frou frou
the postal service
beth orton
mary lou lord
cary brothers
joshua radin
thievery corporation

c jane said...

Oh Jayme and Jon, let's be friends!

Bek said...


Jayme and Jon are waiting for their referral pretty soon from Ethiopia...send happy thoughts their way......... :-)