Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have you wondered where I was?

Can you tell that these are turkeys? Look closely...

Here is something that you need to know about me. I am really good at starting things. Sometimes I just don't like finishing them. It's not that I CAN'T finish things. It's that I don't want to. This is for no apparent reason. Really. It isn't because things are hard or tricky. I just don't want to. There are PLENTY of things that I couldn't wait to finish; pregnancy, some family dinners, bad movies, bowls of ice cream, a good book. I think that a lot could be said about my personality by the fact that I don't like to do the last step. It is a wonder that I still have friends. This might be the reason I have Christmas Cards that are addressed and ready to go, but no stamps STILL on my desk from last year. This is the reason that I wash, sort and fold laundry and have it sitting in a basket, and then take three days to put it away. I have no problem loading the dishwasher and washing dishes by hand, but I don't unload the dish drainer or dishwasher. Can you see where I was going with this?

I just didn't feel like blogging for a few days. Strange, I know. I even had stuff to blog about (a long absent brother of my husbands showed up at Thanksgiving dinner, a basketball game in a box suite with ALL THREE KIDS....). I just had to sabotage it at the last minute. Welcome to the wonderful world of me. :-) I am not that worried about it. I really wanted to blog every day because it sounded fun. When it started being a pain, I stopped.

This is our traditional "brunch" food, a giant caramel apple. We usually get the one from Williams Sonoma.
It is HUGE and it can feed 10 people, easily. This year I got a smaller one from Albertsons.
It wasn't the same. Next year we will go back to
the real thing . These are great
presents to your boss, your husband's secretary, and friends far away,
blogging buddies, siblings that love apples. :-)

Ahem....... but I do hope that everyone had a great Turkey Day. I hope that everyone got to eat their favorite dish. I hope that there was enough pecan and pumpkin pie for everyone. I am not a fan of turkey, but LOVE my potatoes and gravy and bread. We went to my husband's family for dinner where the food was divine (I ate just enough to be satisfied, but not enough to want to vomit....but not because I had self control, I was chasing Cubby and being spit up on by Norah the whole time. Lets just say I am lucky I got enough to be satisfied.........). We had family from out of state in town which was nice. It was also really great to see my husbands youngest brother. About a year ago he decided that he "needed a break" from the family and just disappeared. We knew enough about him that he was alive and safe. His friends checked in with his parents every so often. We have added children to the family and had other significant events happen. Some of the siblings are hurt (and rightfully so) and it has been strange to figure out how to handle this. He just showed up at the tail end of dinner (pretty brave if you ask me..) and everyone got a chance to talk to him and then off he went again. We might see him at Christmas, we might not. I guess he will figure out what he needs to and come home someday. Either way, it was nice to see him even if it was just for a little while. That was something to be thankful for.

Look mom! I made orange rolls!

Breakfast Casserole. Recipe can be found here

We had the fabulous brunch in the morning while watching the parade. Cubby was SO cute. He waved at every balloon that came by (and to be fair, they were waving at him first..) and danced and danced and danced to the music. It was awesome. We made turkeys made out of apples and gumdrops for our craft and for the place card holders for the big dinner. Derek stepped on a toothpick (thanks for finding it, honey) but even that couldn't put a damper on the morning. We had enough food for 43 people and the children, of course, ate almost none of it. After breakfast we went to the park by our house and walked around the lake a played in the forest of trees that have really bent branches and trunks that are SUPER fun to play on.

It was a really fun and relaxing day, but I missed having leftovers. So, I am off to put a turkey in the oven and to peel some potatoes..... it is Thanksgiving at our house. Again.


tracy m said...

Bek, I think we may be the exact same person. Really. You're wierding me out. Dang, I wish we lived closer.

Food, manerisms, build, attitude, likes, dislikes, penchant for starting and not finishing things (ask me where your birthday present is!)... and so on...

Glad your day was so lovely.

lisa v. clark said...

INteresting. . . he showed up. . . humm. I'm going to need details on that one. Good for him. I'm sure it made his folks happy.

I thought about making a turkey today because I want leftovers, too. Your breakfast casserole looks divine. I wish I had some right this very second.

It looks like you had a great day. I'm so glad!

JulieP said...

For the best apple of your life, direct yourself here: (sorry I don't know how to link in these comments). It was just down the street from the school I worked at for 5 years and the lines would go out the door and around the corner every December, so I never got one. THANKFULLY, my friends husband is a doctor and got one as a gift, and she shared. This is THE BEST. I promise. Treat yourself. :) P.S. Did you get my e-mail? Probably bad timing expecting a reply over the holidays!

compulsive writer said...

I just finished carving my turkey and am so happy to tuck away leftovers of everything--cranberry sauce, stuffing, an absolutely sinful sweet potatoe souffle--in my fridge. So I can so relate.

I can also relate to the not finishing things--laundry, dishes--yeah, me too! What's that about? I tell people I just had ADD of housework, but I'm thinking there's got to be more to it than that. I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

In any case, good to hear from you again. At least you are doing Christmas cards this year--I gave them up for lent one year and haven't had the heart to start back up yet. Am I a bad person?

AzĂșcar said...

I just think that there are more interesting things to do--like, all the time.

Bek said...

Compulisive...... the cards are from LAST year... sigh.

I am with you reading cookbooks and making crossiants, right?

edj said...

I, too, am good at starting but not finishing things...sigh. I have a stack of short stories with good beginnings but no endings. Oh well.

Mandy said...

Bek I am the same with starting things and then not wanting to finish. I love to start projects but when it becomes too much I get tired and then I'm done. It was funny to read that you are the same way.

It sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving. It makes me wish we would have done more that day but my stepson was at his mom's and we needed to get some lights on the house before it got too cold out.

Happy Thanksgiving a little late!!

Suzie Petunia said...

Who cares about the post-a-day thingy. If you didn't feel like it... who cares! I'm just glad you haven't quit blogging all together.

Your Thanksgiving sounded fun and interesting... with a return of a progigal son and everything! I wish I had leftovers. We got home last night and I don't even have milk in the fridge. Bare, bare cupboards and no turkey leftovers!

plain jane said...

I am confused (no comments please!)...but did you get a new husband and son? Did you trade yours for new "Men in Trees?"

Bek said...

Good question mom (most readers haven't seem my real husband in real life...).

That is Gordon and Connor Jackson--Suzi's husband and boy. Gordon loves to climb trees and he took Connor with him.......... :-)

liz said...

I lose interest completing things too, have no clue how I ever finished any schooling!

Reading your post reminded me I have clothes in the washer from this morning.

kalen said...

thanks for the pictures. i hate you.

*binges on chocolate and such*

Bek said...

I am sorry that last person hates me. But since I don't know who they are, I will try to pick my self up, dust off my self confidence and move along with my life.

This is not the first time a stranger has hated me and it won't be the last, but it might be the first time they wished me to binge on chocolate.

Amber said...

My MIL did the same thing (baked an extra turkey the day after). What is it about leftover??!! :-)

Third Mom said...

Love all the photos - and I'm going to try that breakfast casserole for a brunch I have coming up. Looks delicious!!

I really empathize with the feeling of not wanting to finish things. I've been overwhelmed by incredible procrastination - serious life-changing procrastination - for the past couple of years. It feels like it's passing, but was damn scary while it was going full tilt. Couldn't start or finish anything, and couldn't focus. I hope it never comes back.

Bek said...

third mom, I think you sent it to my house!!! :-)