Saturday, November 18, 2006

Best Concert EVER!!!!

Last night Derek and I went to the Dixie Chicks concert with our friends Gordon and Suzi. OH MY GOSH!!! I have always been a fan, but not a rabid, nutso, crazy fan. That might change. They sounded SO good. You really realize what true musicians they are. Each one plays 5 or 6 instruments and the vocals were tight. The harmonies by Martie and Emily were flawless and much louder and stronger than you hear on the album. Natalie Maines's voice is astonishing. She can belt FOREVER and it always sounded good. Each of the songs were much more high energy than on the album. Even their song called "Lullaby" which is very soft and sweet on the CD was loud and energetic, but it still worked. They have really crossed over into rock/pop but still have enough bluegrass to keep their original style. Watching them play those instruments was unbelievable. I didn't know fingers could move that fast. They had a cello, a few banjo's, guitars and fiddles, along with a mandolin and a wicked drummer. The most talented part of the whole show? Each of them played the entire night in heels. Really, really high heels. Carina would have been proud.

Our babysitters (a super cute couple from our ward that don't have kids yet and therefore think it is fun to babysit!!) were huge fans. Apparently, one of the sisters of Emily and Martie works at Stanford with him. The Chicks did mention at the concert last night that the first several rows were all family of the sisters. Cute.

It was a pretty funny night and it reminded me that I am not 104 years old. Besides going with Lisa to see James, the last three concerts I went to were all by The Wiggles. Seriously. Thanks to the Jackson's for coming along and huge thanks to my husband for snagging the tickets. My father in law has seasonal tickets for everything that comes to that venue. Good one, Honey.

Do me a favor? What is the best thing that you are listening to? I just got an iPod and I am a musical idiot. I like show tunes and the stuff that Chris and Lisa Clark listened to when we were all in college (they always know the cool stuff......). I don't even really listen to the radio much anymore. I don't know what is hip or hot. My sister Kate always gives me good music advice, but I have room for about 1000 more songs on the iPod. Tell me who to listen to and give me a "best" song if you can. After the concert last night, my friend Suzi was commenting how much she loved music and how it makes her feel glory in her soul. I also feel that way. There is no better feeling than GOOD music. I need more. I also want to tell you that I like it all. I have Eminem, Beyonce, Blues, Gospel, Rap, Pop, Country and yes, show tunes. I will listen to anything.

Besides the Dixie Chicks (listen to "Lullaby" and "I Hope") here are my suggestions for you.

Check out Ron Sexsmith and listen to "Former Glory" on the Cobblestone Runway album. My friend Philip from Austria sent this one to us awhile ago (he is another one that always knows the cool music) and we listened to it a lot when we went to go get Nori. I think about her mom when I hear this. It talks about how sometimes we have things that are hard, but not to worry because someday our "lights will return in their former glory". I love that it doesn't say "everything will be the same", just that it can be good again. It is kind of blues and folk sounding. You won't be sorry.

If you like wonderful harmonies and great music, try Selah. I first found these guys because I was looking for African Gospel music. The band members are children of missionaries in Africa and they all grew up there. They speak a few of the dialects. Their music is so beautiful, but the African songs are still distinctly African. As I dug into it a little bit more I saw that they have several albums. I am not really a fan of God Rock, and these guys for sure qualify as that, but they are really good. In fact, I wouldn't say they are rock, more like pop. They are like a Christian Sheryl Crow/Indigo Girls / Linda Rondstat sound. They have a Christmas album that will make you weep. Their version of the old spiritual called "By and By" is the best I have ever heard. Other songs to check out? Bika Mono Ve; Hatikva (on the Amen, Selah Album), Yesu Azali Awa, Esengo and Landa Yesu. That is the stuff. Also check out Hatikva (on the Amen, Selah album), Be Still My Soul, How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace. The whole Christmas album is great.

This is an old one, but a classic. She sings a song on here called "Iowa" that is one of my all time favorites. Also, "The Pagens and the Christians" is fun. Don't miss "February".

Now it is your turn!! (if anyone says High School Musical I will jump off a bridge. That is pretty much all we listen to in the car anymore.............).


Third Mom said...

You remind me I need to buy some new music! About the only thing I'm listening to these days is what's on the radio or "best of" old favorites (Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a few others).

Yep, if you looked at my music collection, the only conclusion you could draw is that I'm OLD - and you'd be right! YIKES!

Christy said...

I've been trying to get good music on my ipod for working out. These are some of the latest songs I've purchased:

Suddenly I See by K.T. Tunstall
Kiss Me by Robbie Williams (this was a free download)
Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap

Bek said...

Third Mom....I am the same....hopefully we have the same taste and you can find some good stuff. If someone doesn't tell me about it...I don't every hear it...

wendysue said...

Some of my latest favs (mostly used on my ipod for cleaning and organizing. . it's the only way I can do it)
Jack Johnson (it's good driving music. . .maybe even lulu will like the Curious George soundtrack?)
Bonnie Raitt--can't go wrong with her--Nick of Time is my fav.
and you can never go wrong with James Taylor

p.s. I know you'll be really jealous. . .I just bought Maddie, Molly and I tickets to see High School Musical, the concert in KC for their birthdays. . .it's a surprise and I know they will FREAK out. I may need some good meds to get me through. Matt put in his years a few times for Sesame Street LIve so I guess it's my turn.

Ana said...

Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! I am excited to try out Selah, it sounds right up my alley.

I am listening the new Indigo Girls CD to death. Like, over and over and over. My poor husband. I made myself a special one that does not include the songs with F words in them.

Also loving the latest from Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Both very excellent. (Old is not always bad, third mom!) And check out Amos Lee. I think he is adorable!

La Yen said...

I took my neices to see the Dixie Chicks show when they were doing the Earl song--2000? 2001? We were late because the girls insisted on getting dolled up to the teeth. I tried to tell them that there would be NO boys there, but they did not listen. I was right.

Lately I am listening a lot to Tegan and Sarah, The Scissor Sisters, and Bruce Springsteen--especially the Sept. 11th album. And all of the other albums. I love me the Springsteen. In the car we are stuck with either Suzie Tallman or Laurie Berkner, because Jooj has suddenly developed opinions.

Bek said...

Ok..... can I even say that I couldn't recognize a Bob Dylan song if I kicked me in the head?

Shawn Colvin did a cover of one and the Dixie Chicks did one last night...gulp. Third Mom and Ana...give me some songs.... it is too embarassing not to know any Dylan. Right?

Queso said...

So jealous you went to the concert. So much to recommend. I'll make a playlist just for you at my place. Sometime next week. Need to figure out how to do it first and link it in. I don't think it's hard. We'll see.

Bek said...

Wendy Sue.... I have to go to Disney on Ice next month. Twice.

Your girls will LOVE it...maybe I need to see when it is coming for Lauren........

Lucky Red Hen said...

When you log-on to you'll see what I'm listening to lately but I'll give you one album I'm replaying over and over... Corinne Bailey Rae and song I like the most is Like a Star but EVERY song on that album is lovely. Feist "Let it Die" album is a goodie right now as is James Blunt "Back to Bedlam".

Y'all should sign up for this music site ( It's a download for your iPod and instantly syncs with the site to show your friends (that you add) what you're listening to. You can create your favorite albums, songs or whatever lists for friends to see too! It's a great way to find new music. If you sign up, add me as your friend... I'm "Shannon" and it's my husbands creation so there's no creepy porn, giving/selling of your personal information or fees (it's FREE). He's a HUGE music buff. Go check it out - it's in the beginning stages (over 500 users in the last month have signed up) so the "username" options are still wide open and you can probably get a goodie.

I need some Christmas tunes for my iPod.

Bek said...

Shannon, I forgot that he had that. That is good for people like me!!! Cool.

compulsive writer said...

Don't laugh, but everyone in my house is listening to the soundtrack of "The Nightmare Before Christmas!" We had to run home from watching the 3-D movie in the theater and buy it off of iTunes. Now my older kids have it on their iPods, my youngest kids and I all have CDs. It's like we're all addicted or something.

Another artist I really love is Loreena McKennitt, if you like the celtic thing at all.

Bek said...

I love her whole Mumners Tale album. good one...

Dana said...

At our house we are enjoying:

1. Shiny Toy Guns (Don't Cry Out and Rainy Monday)
2. The Shins Kissing the Lipless)
3. Coldplay
4. Keane
5. Blue Oyster Cult
6. Evanescence
7. All and any 80's music

Dana :)

Bek said... have hip kids if they are all listening to that!! Quincey is going to be BORN cool....

This is me said...

I am a big Dixie Chicks fan and they do give great concerts.

My 3 year old is all about U2, Jack Johnson (especially Curious George soundtrack), and even Red Hot Chili Peppers (yes, she asks for them by name). So, that's what we've been listening to a lot lately.

If you are looking for really good, not at all annoying kids music (down with Wiggles!), check out the Laurie Berkner Band. They are fantastic and even my husband and I sing along.

tracy m said...

Check out Eva Cassidy. I just discovered her via a tip from another blogger, and she has the voice of an angel. She sings standards, blues, that sort of thing. I LOVE HER!

Amber said...

Wow, what a varied lot of music you have there. I am a total fan of anything John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan and Lifehouse!

Phoebe said...

First of all, I am so sad that I missed the Chicks. I was supposed to go in Sacramento with Darlybird, then we moved and no one up here wanted to go with me and I just wasn't quite ready to go by myself.
Second, I love Dar and had a roommate in College who was obsessed.
Third, right now I am enjoying Belle & Sebastian and Regina Spektor.
Good Luck! I love new music.

Bek said...

Hi Soccer Pheobe!!!

Heidi Durrow said...

check out Pink Martini, Hang On Little Tomato--
and Rosie Thomas, When We Were Small. Two favorites.

b. said...

keith and all!
grey's anatomy songs
martina mcbride--love is
somewhere over the rainbow-mcphee mcversion
xm satellite radio
I love the Jim Carrey Grinch movie soundtrack for Christmas, as well as the original Forgotten HAS to be the original though.

b. said...

ps. LOVE the sad they ain't comin' to Utah.