Thursday, November 08, 2007

Babysitter in Utah over Christmas..

Greetings Blog world,

This is actually a want ad. I know that so many of you live in the SLC/Provo area I am hoping you can help me. My extended family will be going to Park City for the Christmas Holiday. We won't arrive until the 27th, but I think that the others will be there the 23rd-ish. We will be in town until the 3rd. We need childcare. I know that there is someone out there that one of you knows that would like to make some extra cash at the break. Maybe a student home for the holiday? Maybe a mom that wants to put a dent in the Santa bills? Anyone? We are trying to avoid using a service and really would like to build the list of people that we know who can sit. We will be visiting here a lot in the next few years and it would be nice to have a list of sitters.

Here are the details:
--Never more than 4 children, ages 7, 3, 18 months and 12 months. During the days, the two older ones will ski (usually) and it will just be the little ones. Evenings will likely be all the kids.

--Pay is between 15 and 20 dollars an hour, depending on how many kids you have (if it is one or two it is 15$, three or four is 20$).

--We need some days (while the adults are skiing/shopping/generally not chasing the kids) and some evenings. I think that you can count on New Years Eve. The catch is that I am not totally sure of the schedule right now (the days I could guess and are more flexible) but the evenings won't be pinned down until the first part of December

--The biggest requirement is that the sitter needs to have experience (and be able to let me talk to two people who can tell me how great you are) and be the kind of person who shows up and is on time. You will also need to get yourself to Park City. The house is just past Stein Ericson's Lodge and is in a gated community that is patrolled and plowed. It is very safe.

--Someone who is intuitive would be nice. If you need to feed the kids, be able to put a lunch or dinner together, be able to not worry when the 3 year old doesn't want to go to bed, be willing to chat with the 7 year old (and I mean chat and chat and chat). That kind of thing. Three of the kids are mine, one is my nephew. Pretty easy kids.

I would love to hear any and all ideas. I think that a high school student would not be the best thing but could be talked into it (I know SEVERAL HS students that are much more capable than college students). An adult is fine, etc. Just someone who will keep the kids safe and will not just "not show up". That is key. This is my ONE job assigned to me by the in laws this season and I need to represent. ;-)

E mail me if you want or leave me a comment on how to contact you. rebeccakbingham at yahoo dot com.

Thanks. This could be a really great opportunity to make some serious cash this month. My inlaws are all about leaving the kids with a sitter while the adults go do things, and who can argue with that? If they had their way, there would be a sitter there 24/7. I don't anticipate that one person would be able to do it all, so the more the better....



Ana said...

Bek, I emailed this to my newlywed sis, Marta, who lives in Murray. She is a student at the U. I hope she can help you!

AzĂșcar said...

I'm also sending these details to my kid's sitter (my sister in college.)

One question:
Is there room for them to stay at the house, or do they commute everyday?

Bek said...

No, there isn't room to stay at the house this time (it will be packed to the gills with family) but in the future there WILL be a room.... they would need to commute, stinky, I know...

again, even if we get a few people to do a few days each, that would work. Ana, your sister can bring her hubby.... ;-)

La Yen said...

Bek-next year when W is gone, Jooj and I will do it for free cheese.

Bek said...

done!!! ;-)

Jill said...

I'm emailing your post to my friend who lives in Park City and has a college age daughter (and friends) living in Park City.

Jenni said...

I finally just got all caught up over the past couple of weeks worth of posts, and whoa. My thoughts are totally with you, but I know that you're a super strong woman/mom who can totally handle anything. How exciting that it's another girl! Someday your Jacob and my Ben can dish about growing up in a house full of girls.

Eric's brother lives in SLC and his sister lives in Orem. I forwarded this to them - they both have broods of their own, so maybe they'll know of some reliable sitters in the area.

citymama1 said...

Finding babysitters is the bane of my existence. Good luck!

mammamakayla said...

hi my name is makayla iam almost 20 in jan i have a lil boy thats 10 months old,i have been looking 4 a job babysitting so i can get my son christmas presents and 1st birthday and for some money i live in kamas its by park city my son would love to play with other kids!!!! if u still need a sitter plz let me know my email is just email me and let me know or if u have any more ?s thank u makayla