Monday, February 27, 2006

To all who come to this happy place....welcome!

Hello Blogworld!!

Did you notice that I was gone? We took another trip to Disneyland (yup, that is twice a year for the last two years....) because some family members were going and we wanted to see them.

My kids were shockingly good. Lauren is pretty much over the princess worship that has dominated the last few years and has moved on to being a dare devil. She rode ALL THE RIDES! 6 months ago she refused to go on Pirates of the Caribbean because it was too scary and this year she went on Matterhorn 12 times.

The person who had the most fun was Jacob. Here, see?

This picture was taken after Chip and Dale had the NERVE to come over and see us at the character breakfast. :-) Have you ever seen such terror in someone's eyes outside of an Al Jazera hostage video? Seriously, we may have traumatized him. We have similar pictures of the same face w/ many other characters. This one is my favorite. We are clearly sympathetic to his concerns.

Actually, he was dreamy. He just stayed snuggled in his stroller with his Lamby and his snacks. He sucked his thumb and slept. I wish he would do that at church!!!! He also spent a fair amount of time keeping up with his latest hobbies (the ones besides picking his nose that is ) "squeezing into small spaces" and "poking his head through things". Good times.

Lauren loved Minnie and was such a trooper. She figured out the whole pin trading thing and loved doing that. She also was able to go on more rides and really understand more of the shows. I only lost her twice and only cried once. That is doing pretty good for 4 days in Disneyland. She got to hang out with her Aunt Kate and do big kid things and that was the best part of all. She also got to boss around her cousin Sam and be spoiled by Aunt Cyndi and Aunt Kate. It was 5 year old heaven.

We also went whale watching. My poor child had NO IDEA what she was looking for. Much to the chagrin of the non English speaking Japanese tourists that were by us on the boat, every time a wave crashed on the rocks or the light sparkled on the water she could gasp and shout "look!! a whale". Poor Japanese tourists. Oh well, she had fun while she THOUGHT she was seeing whales so who cares. She got more out of it then the rest of us did.

We all had a ball and had plenty of Churro's. Enough to last us for at least another 6 months. More pictures tomorrow (for the grandparents).


Christy said...

This is reminding me of our trip to Disneyland just last month! We even went whale watching (but we called it the $20 purge--my husband and puked the whole time and the kids slept through the whole thing). I'm glad you had fun and I'm glad you're back to blogging!

Jacob is one cute kid! I love those pics of him getting into tight spaces.

Tracy M said...

Welcome back! I am seething with jealousy!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures- I can practically smell the popcorn across the plaza from the Character Breakfast... August isn't so far away, right?

Eric is going through a "squeezing into tight places" and "putting his head through things" phase too. Maybe it's just being two?

Bek said...

Christy, I forgot you went last month. :-) Sorry your husband was sick and yes, it is expensive. It was fun to do once, but I would skip it next time!!

Tracy--August will be here before you know it and then you will be battling with the rest of the angry people at Disney (seriously, the worst adult behaviour I have ever seen in my life is at that place). Jostling for parade seats, scrambling for the back of the roller coaster. Your kids will have a ball. I looked for your Uncle Feddy (that is his name, right?).

Lyle said...

Oh the jealousy! I am quite ashamed to say that I haven't been to Disney Land since I was eight. As such, my kids have never been.

Your kids are absolutely delightful. Today was a day that I needed a smile. Thanks.

My youngest (18 months) isn't into squeezing into small spaces. He's into pulling down or out everything he can get his little hands on. We can only keep up with him if the other kids are all behaving.

Bek said...

Thank you Lyle!

I know that when you see the prices for Disney it seems like highway robbery, but the whole experiences really is quite magical (for the kids anyway). It was worth it!

It is raining buckets here today. We got soaked just going to the bus stop. I am glad that we didn't hit that weather down there!!!

Queen Scarlett said...

This makes me want to go again! ;-)

Glad to have you back in the blogging world! ;-)

lisa v. clark said...

Jacob kills me! He is so funny and Lauren is so grown-up! I'm glad you went -you guys deserved the break! But I'm glad you're back. . .

compulsive writer said...

Yes! You were missed in blogworld, but way to get yourself out there and enjoy some of the best of the real world.

Great pics! I have to admit, you're wearing me down. I might just have to let go of my selfish preference for Sea World (lots of whales without the puking) and treat my kids to a day (or two) in the magic kingdom next time we venture to California.

Bek said...

Hey, we LOVED Sea World. I do have to say that after going to Sea World, you realize how much EXTRA stuff Disney does to make the place so immaculate...the landscaping, etc.

We wanted to go again this year but did what the rest of the group did. I really do want to do it again (and Lego Land and the zoo).

I was a Disney hater before, but now I just associate it with many happy memories.

FrogLegs said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Saw your link on Heather's post at MMW's! :) We're trying to figure out the whole adoption thing, and her post was wonderful timing. :)

Queen Scarlett said...

Bek - just saw cubby's site. He is so cute. That's awesome you set up a site for his brothers... are they much older?
cubby has the yummiest, squeezable face. too cute!

Bek said...

I didn't realize that I was in that blog when I left your message. Once, I used my "dear birthmother" ID and boy, did I get some great comments!

Cub has 5 brothers. Three older and two younger. We made that site because we have closed our adoption. But just because we don't have personal communication doesn't mean they don't need to see how he is doing and hear about him. Especially the oldest boy, who is 10. He remembers Jacob. The rest are just 10 months apart and don't remember him.

I just started it and am still trying to upload pictures. Then I will put the words in. I am going to update it 2X a year, and hopefully it can be like a journal for him too.

Thanks! His cheeks are pretty yummy--especially when covered with juice! Those were his one year pictures. :-)

Queen Scarlett said...

I have to say... even though the brothers are together... sounds like Cubby got the best guys. And... he is friggin' adorable. ;-) Doesn't get old saying it.

Bek said...

I agree. Maybe we can set the kiddo's up on 20 years? She can teach him sign. :-) Wouldn't their children we STUNNING?


Queen Scarlett said...

20-25 years give or take... highly tempted to lock her up... she loves flirting with adult men. ;-) And... hello - EXOTIC would be their babies. I'm sure by the time they reach eligible age they'll appreciate this conversation. ha.

~j. said...

Oooh, I like the red on white - makes it so much clearer for me to read (on my too-dark monitor). How fun!

Rachel said...

jon and i have been somewhat less-than-thrilled about disney--i don't know why. but lately, i've had this totally itching feeling to just give in and take the kiddos (leah went when she was 3 mos old because we got free tix because my bro worked for disney). anyway, there is something magical about it, and we WILL be going sometime this year?

cute cute pics.