Tuesday, June 20, 2006



I fear that by taking so long to write the story, I have made it seem more exciting then it really is........ Blogger won't let me add pictures. I have had a hard time posting this entry for the last few days too. Silly blogger.

Last Saturday we went to a BBQ. Actually, it was a 30th birthday party for my friend Jen (Hi Jen and Mathias). Their daughter Lucy is mini Lauren. White blonde hair, chubby little arms, blue eyes......oh, and Lucy LOVES Jacob, Jacob calls her Luuuuuucy......... We love those guys (hi Mathias and Jen).

Anyway, the dinner was at the home of Jen's parents. He dad is our bishop and her mother is wonderwoman (well, so is Jen...). She is a tiny woman who is friendly and talented and can cook and garden and makes everyone feel at home. She also loves my boy. When Jacob first came home, she came up to me and said "if you need a grandma for that boy, let me know...I will hold him, etc" At the time, her only granddaughter lived in San Diego. More then once she took him from us during church and saved my bacon.

The kids had a ball at the bbq. There were a few kiddie pools and we brought suits for them. The grown ups chatted and the kidd0's ran around. Jacob ruled the pool. You would have thought the child had never seen water before. He sat in the pool, with his big Buddha belly sticking out, and just smiled for hours. We finally dragged the kids out of the pool to eat (Jen made Strawberry Rhubarb pie w/ HOMEMADE puff pastry, she is amazing). Lauren ate nothing (shocker) and Jacob ate 4,000 pieces of watermelon. Well, he actually ate about 9, and those are just the ones that I gave him. Every time I turned around he was grabbing a piece out of the garbage and finishing it off. Whatever. It kept him quiet so I really didn't care (and I knew that I would aready be dealing with the diaper the next day anyway........).

The sun started to set and the wind picked up again. I was visiting w/ another couple that we had just met and noticed Ludwiga had taken Jacob inside. She had asked me if we had any dry clothes for him......I did, but didn't have a chance to put them on him yet. She was being very sweet and because I wasn't her kid, she couldn't really say "get these wet clothes off this cold child...now!!" (which she should have--because he was getting cold). Instead she just took him inside and when he reappeared he was GERMAN. A friend of hers had given her some Lederhosen and it was all she had to put on him. The sweet blue shirt and the shorts. After I stopped laughing.......I took him outside to take a picture. He was so proud of his new outfit he kept posing and posing. Ludwiga is from Germany and her other grandkids wear these all the time. When you come to think of it, what could be better then leather shorts? Back me up here Wendy. For some reason it just tickled me to see him in these. I guess you could call this a study in juxtaposition.

So there you have it. That is how my son came to wear lederhosen. Not a particularly funny story, but the end result made us giggle.

Next up... a hula skirt.


Julie said...

Your stories are fabu. :)

"Every time I turned around he was grabbing a piece out of the garbage and finishing it off. Whatever. It kept him quite so I really didn't care." Ummmm...we're raising the same kid in different bodies (both of our Jacobs).

Suzie Petunia said...

I've been waiting for the story behind the lederhosen. Love it!

La Yen said...

Awesome. Sunday at church Jooj was scavenging around the Sunday School class and found a fruit snack that she had previously thrown. Another mother tapped me, pointed to her eating it and asked "Is that food? Can she eat it?" My response was "Does it matter?" She was horrifed. (FYI, on Saturday she ate 12 entire mussels on the half shell, six pieces of dog food, and six WalMart waxy choco donuts. If it hadn't been a fruit snack, would it have made a difference to her belly? No.)

AzĂșcar said...

Oh Cindy!

I love Cubby in lederhosen, he's a symbol of how multicultural Germany is these days ;)

LuckyRedHen said...

What did you do with your bacon once it was saved?

So I just got back from vacation and the friend STILL doesn't have that film I was going to get you and she's probably getting a divorce; not because of the film but that's probably a pretty good indication where her mind is at.

Sorry for bailing on ya :o(

Bek said...

Don't worry ..... I appreciate you trying. I hope that your friend is ok.

Julie--we ARE raising the same child....scavengers.

wendysue said...

Bek, not only leather shorts. . .but leather shorts made for sweaty, little chubby legs. . .makes sense right? Ever tried to slide off a leather couch after your sweaty skin attaches itself?

sarah said...

I definitely think he's the cutest thing a pair of lederhosen have ever seen!

Bek said...

That is just because you haven't seen ME in lederhosen.

Wendy...you are totally right. Eww.

Queen Scarlett said...

So when do we get the story of you in lederhosen? ;-) Hey - the name Mathias sounds so familiar... I lived in the Foreign Lang Student Housing at byu and... wonder if he's the same guy. If so...the world certainly gets smaller as you age.

I'm with Jacob... watermelon YUM! I can't seem to get enough of it this summer.