Friday, March 30, 2007


I guess my powers of comedy need fine tuning......

I want to say for the record that I AM SURE that they did know who Sting was, in fact I don't know anything more about this situation other than a comment that was said in passing by College Roommate (who will now wear the title of MOST AWESOME COLLEGE ROOMMATE ON HIGH for letting me exploit this story) about a year ago. When I saw a press blurb that they were opening for The Police (combined with my 6 year old telling me that they had a new album coming out -- MY SIX YEAR OLD people!!) I created that whole conversation in my head and just put them in the role of "silly young people who don't know about anything but Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan". I had the conversation in my head because it 1) I clearly really wanted to avoid my laundry and 2) It blows my mind that they get to hang with him again when they WEREN'T EVEN BORN when he was in his heyday. They didn't have his posters on his wall, or sing the songs or any of that stuff (I can just see teenage College Roommate and Wendysue on the bed, singing away). In fact, what brought on this whole train of thought was a conversation with my husband that that even though they get to be in the music/Hollywood scene, most of the people they would know and hang with are not my era, I am too old for it and we wouldn't know who they were anyway (unless they were Barney or on Nick Jr.). It all changed perspective when I put it together that the people that I idolized as a young person get thrown into that mix too. They can have their Hillary's, Lindsay's, Paris and Laguna Beach, but when it comes to Bono and Sting, that is when I start to get a little starstruck.

Of course they knew who he was. You don't get to be as talented and successful as they are on their own and together without knowing about the ones that came before you. They all have worked very hard for many years to earn their skills. They seem to be smart guys and I am sure that Rock Star Brother sang the songs right along with Doctor Brother and College Roommate, after all, what younger sibling doesn'tidolize their older siblings and want to do/copy everything that they do? So, because I didn't make it clear enough, the conversation was ALL in my head. Several of you (bless you) were quick to come to their defense. Also, you were all quick to point out the the person that we REALLY care about is College Roommate because she is our favorite. I just started daydreaming and vomited it all onto the screen.

I didn't use people names or band names because that isn't the point and we all know who they are anyway. We wouldn't want College Roommate, or the Sistah or Doctor Brother to think that we are like the rest of the people out there that skim over the amazing talents and skills and educations that they also have to find out about their brother (but don't think that means I am going to stop wanting the celebrity gossip lowdown......). To most of us, he is THEIR brother, they aren't Rock Star sister/brother. The rest of you that don't know them in person have no idea that they HAVE a Rock Star Brother......see?

I stand by the point of the last post. I want College Roommate who loves Sting so much to be able to go see both her brother AND The King of Pain on the same stage. If I had the money I would fly her out there with me and we would do it together and let the husbands deal with the kids. Truly. How cool would that be? And I still want her to ask about the names....... Fuscia? Seriously.

Have a good weekend!


lisa v. clark said...

Your posts kill me! And I KNOW you're dying to give away celebrity gossip! (thanks for not posting it. . . we want to be in constant supply, afterall. . . )
As soon as Rockstar brother met old Gordo he called me, not to rub it in, but to share the joy, man--share the love!

Remember when I thought I was cool because I would bring home my rockstar-wannabe boyfriends hot on the Lincoln music scene and my little brother was so excited/impressed? Yeah, it's still totally like that: I'm so awesome at my PTA meetings--I totally r-o-c-k the P-T-A. And they totally know me at the Orem Target. I get recognized all the time. It bugs.

I do have amazing siblings, thanks for the compliment. It is largely due to my out-of-control parents.

Bek said...

It also means you get the best babysitters in town right? You can always drop the old "oh, my brother is in town...." thing...


AzĂșcar said...

That college roommate, she sounds AMAZING. I think I'll go hang out at Day's Market tonight to see if I can stalk her. Do you think she'll lower her sunglasses and say, "Shhhhhh" to me?

I sure hope so.

wendysue said...

Oh Bek, I had the daydream going to. I want to walk away from my dustbunny world and have a diet coke and a slice of pizza with the Stingster, as we joke about the Lohans and Paris' of the world. It does crack me up about these baby rockstars. It's a good thing they had the siblings they did to set them on the right track right away!! (what would I do without my brother singing the Thompson Twins to me???? And don't forget "pop music"!)

LVC--You KNOW you rock the PTA. and just for that you NEED to be at that concert!! And the V's are rockin the Highlands (the H to the I to the G H Lands!), and I know people would kill for those parents!!

Bek said...

Wendy..... I loved the Thompson Twins and OMD TOO b/c of my sister... isn't that funny?

Good thing LVC and co weren't into Death Metal... the course of his whole life could have changed...

P.S. You joined the fan club? Sweet.

Queen Scarlett said...

At least our generation CHOOSES to wear underwear.

I will never tell any celebrity gossip...even if it willingly falls into my lap. ;-)

I have never been a phone person but you - you I could talk to forever.

hmmm... BONO... he's hot. hheheheh

how about actors? Can rock star brother hook us up with any? I mean I'm sure we all have our list.

Swerl said...

It's Kevin, from Swerl.

Could you email me at


By the way, great job on the braids!!