Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My new TV boyfriend....

I have one (or two). Do you? I also have a movie star boyfriend. My husband has movie star girlfriends. It is something that we laugh about. It is funny how the girls that I think are really pretty are not the ones he does, and vice versa. All the guys that he thinks girls would like remind me of child molesters (and they will remain nameless on this blog...the stars, not the child molesters... if I knew any I would let you know...).

AnyHOOOO, back to my new TV boyfriend. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Dr. Drew.

I know, I know. You have seen him on MTV and on (horror) The Tyra Banks show and other MTV Generation type places. I thought the same thing: "Dr. Drew, you are a sell out, what can you do for me?" Well, he has brought us the little nugget called Celebrity Rehab. I had no desire to watch this show. I didn't need to see a show that was all about watching the train wreck similar to what we are watching with Britney Spears on a daily basis (seriously, how is it possible to NOT know what she is doing? It is everywhere). A friend told me that she watched it and it was surprisingly real, interesting and touching. With the writers strike and all, I decided to try it. I recorded it and watched it one night while folding one trillion loads of laundry (it really was one trillion). It was gripping. It was sad. I was ENTHRALLED. I was impressed with the process. Dr. Drew has a nice combo of being empathetic and compassionate, but still tough and realistic.

The "celebrities" are in varying stages of denial and readiness to be sober. I have been in front of my fair share of therapists. I have been in situations with myself and loved ones where change needs to happen and sometimes we are ready and sometimes we are not. It is a process and frankly, I saw a lot of real reactions there. I know that much of it is in the editing, but it was great. So, if you are looking for a pretty decent show, try this one. It isn't the run of the mill celebrity rehab show. But, remember that I feed my kids McDonalds and read US Weekly and People. If you are holy, you might want to skip it. Plus, tell me that he isn't a handsome silver haired man with wicked guns. I think of Dr. Drew as the icing on the cake....

Escape to Chimp Eden's Eugene Cussons aka "The new Crocodile Hunter"

The other show that I am strangely obsessed with is the new Animal Planet show "Escape to Chimp Eden". Again, I know. I am not an animal person, at ALL. I have always had a soft spot for chimps though. I recorded this one on a whim and loved it. He is the new Steve Irwin. This crazy guy lives in South Africa and goes around Africa saving and rehabilitating chimps. He is a lot like the crocodile hunter in the sense that he is a guy with an accent that is INSANE, but you can see that he feels strongly about what he does. It is also slightly more interesting to watch him wrestle with the chimps than crocs for some reason. It's another one to check out, and this coming from me... the non animal person.

A few other shows that I have been watching (and to be honest, haven't really noticed the writers strike because I haven't been watching network shows) are No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. You might have seen him as a judge on Top Chef or read one of his books. His shows are on the Travel Channel. He goes to different cities and countries and checks out the local cuisine and customs and filters it all for you through his 51 year old, New Yorker, slightly alcoholic eyes. It is a riot and always interesting. There is also a really great blog on the Travel Channel site about this show too. Some of you are already fans, so you can back me up on this one.

Last, I love the other Travel Channel show called Bizarre Eats with Andrew Zimmerman. He goes to other countries and shows you all the things that they eat that would make most of us gag here in our peanut butter and fast food world. It is strangely compelling and off putting at the same time. I can say that I get a new appreciation for other cultures and foods, even if I never want to eat Nigerian hot pot made with singed cow skin. You don't have to pay too much attention and you might get the added benefit of your kids seeing it and being just a tiny bit more grateful for the meal they are getting.

So there you have it. This is the TV that I watch when I have a minute. I actually end up watching most of this stuff in the middle of the night. I am in that phase of pregnancy where I am up a lot at night and I catch up on all my shows then. I have a feeling that this will continue when I have a little one wanting to eat at night.

What other shows am I missing? What are you watching? Inspire me.


This is me said...

Okay, I have to second you on Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman. My husband and I LOVE those shows. There have been a few times with Andrew, though, where I had to change the channel momentarily because what he was eating was just too disgusting to watch (one was a lamb's eyeball).
I didn't love Anthony Bourdain until I ate at his restaurant in DC (Les Halles) this past summer. Hands down the best meal I've ever had in life. Now, I'm a huge fan of his show, too.
I'm obsessed with Super Nanny and any of the shows on TLC or Discovery Health about families with like 15 kids. They are crazy.

Bek said...

Oh, good ones. I need to get back on the Super Nanny bandwagon. And I NEVER miss an episode of The Duggars Add Another Child (or build a house, etc) and that one that is about families of more than 15 kids.... good ones!!

Today I watched Andrew Zimmerman eat duck embryos. Mmmm.

Now I want to go to DC and eat at Mr.B's place...

b. said...

ok.....but what is Kenickie doing in the damn wheelchair??

He's just gross.

AzĂșcar said...

You know I hold a torch for Bourdain, oh yes I do, he is my bad, bad, bad boyfriend.

Dr. Drew is so awesome, and so is Celebrity Rehab. I've always been impressed that Dr. Drew is so grounded and tells it straight.

Boyfriends you are missing:
All the boys on Friday Night Lights. Uhm, isn't Matt Saracen so darling you could eat him alive? Lisa? Anyone?

And if you don't watch Friday Night Lights, we can't be friends anymore.

Katie said...

This one doesn't involve a tv boyfriend, but Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC is definitely my favorite! They have twins and sextuplets. New episodes are on Monday night. Re-runs are on randomly throughout the day.

Did you see the Andrew Zimmerman show where they ate maggot infested cheese?? That was by far the most traumatic one I've ever seen...

Bek said...

Love Jon and Kate, good one. It makes me wish I was a tad more organized and it makes me want to be nicer to my husband.

b--seeing that guy in the wheelchair is the best part. It shows you how far people will go..

Az--I haven't watched it YET, but I am going to catch up on it. I kept hearing how great it was and this one is on my list. It is currently on "record".... if so many people like it than I must love it...

compulsive writer said...

I haven't had a TV boyfriend for ever. Maybe I should get me one or two...

p.s. I'm asking for advice today over at Segullah. I'd love some from you. You can post it anonymously if you want.

Anonymous said...

Nip/Tuck on FX. Dr. Christian Troy. I kinda want to lick him--which, I KNOW, it's so wrong. But for realzies, he's like butter. And the show is just so disturbing and wrong, it's really the best thing on television. I really held off from watching for a while, for whatever reason I thought it was like Extreme Makeover (not home edition), but after watching it once, hubby and I literally ran to Blockbuster and rented all the past seasons...I recently learned during a visit from the inlaws that they are also fans--which always makes me blush a little on Tuesday nights when I KNOW they're watching the same sex scene we are. Ewwwwww.

Enjoy! Hope it doesn't offend your moral beliefs!
Danielle in CO

Bek said...

Danielle. I have no moral beliefs, so you are safe.

I haven't watched Nip/Tuck, but I know lots of people who LOVE it...

Kalli Ko said...

I second Azucar with FNL, it's the best show on TV and the only thing saving my from going ape over the writer's strike (which is finally over, blessed hallelujah).

more caffeine, please said...

First of all I love that my friends that I only know through blogging have ventured on over here - you will find great joy in their blogs and comments!

Second of all, I watch so many random shows, where can I start?

Millionair Matchmaker? The Real Housewives of OC - soon to be NYC? MTV's The Duel, Run's House?

I never miss VH1's Best Week Ever because it is the funniest show ever.

more caffeine, please said...

Okay, ignore the first paragraph of that comment... I got my blogs messed up. Sheesh.

mak said...

If you like crazy guys with accents (and I think you do), you should seriously check out Man versus Wild on the Discovery channel. DMP and I are totally addicted. It is a crazy brit guy named Bear who gets dropped in crazy places like the Sahara, or the jungle or whatever and shows you how to survive. He is awesome and insane. And, as an added bonus, he is hot and takes his shirt off in almost every episode :) He is my TV boyfriend.

I'm also addicted to Iron Chef America. I'll bet you'd love that one.

lisa v. clark said...

My tv boyfriend is Matt. . . that's his REAL name, but he played Logan on Gilmore Girls and now he's the Christian boyfriend on Friday Night Lights. He's actually great friends with a friend of mine in LA. I think he's a great actor, and he once sent me a note. Is that taking it too far? ;0)

PS Watch FNL!

Bek said...

Mak--we have seen that one. He IS crazy. He also has a son named Marmaduke. Not kidding.

I love Dirty Jobs too. That one kills me.

MCP..that first paragraph didn't NOT make sense.... ;-) Millionare Matchmaker...YES. I just told LVC to watch this show. I LOVE it. I am recording the marathon.. she is great and the poor idiot millionares need all the help they can get..

We always record The Soup and Best Week Ever. I save those as a special treat after Cubby has been particularly destructive. :-)

Bek said...

Oh Lisa (oh Judy). You know everyone. In fact, if we had to watch all the shows where you or Topher knew someone that was on it, no one would ever do laundry again..

I am sensing that if I DON"T watch FNL I will be shunned.

petie said...

I can't believe you watch this crap!!! (which means: of course, I've watched it (Celeb Rehab)). In this case, I caught it once on live TV, which means two things: 1) The writer's strike made me dive to low, low levels and 2) I never really caught an episode again. I'm a Tim Riggins gal myself. He's SO my TV lovah. . .(boyfriend is WAY too tame a word for him). Why so greasy, Tim? I don't know. . .but I love it!

LVC -I don't know if I can support Logan with the new Christian hair. Or the real boring personality on FNL. I hope he perks up soon, don't you? I also hope there IS a FNL soon, don't you?

~j. said...

Anthony Bourdain. Oh MAN. Azu'car introduced us and I've never been the same. Did you see his Christmas Special? I hadn't laughed that hard in a very, very long time.

Leisha said...

I'm in love with Dr. Drew too. Thank heavens for the writer's strike or he and I might never have met. I like the calm way he handles everyone. I also like his saucy little lady in charge...what's her name, the one with glasses who tried to take the phone from Grease/Taxi man?

I have new compassion for some of these people. Except Chyna...deNIal.

mrs. r said...

celebrity rehab is SOOO scary. i have never been so scared of drugs in my life.

and i just posted about all my celebrity crushes. there are too many to count.

but, i LOVE james from survivor and warrick from csi.

Away2me-Deanna said...

Oh we have been watching Anthony Bourdain for a year or more now and I'm obsessed. You MUST watch Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I HATED his Hell's kitchen show, hated it, but the Kitchen Nightmare show on BBC America is awesome. My husband even likes it. We also like a very stupid show called Parking Wars and a good emotional show is Intervention. Love it.

I of course watch Make me Supermodel, Jon & Kate, Suppernanny, Millionaire Matchmaker and a few other silly shows. I just now realized I watch way too much tv. Blush!

Bek said...


That is another good one I missed.. I love Kitchen Nightmares (but tend to like the ones i England better than the USA ones... if you get BBCAmerica, don't miss it. I can't believe I missed that.

I also hated Hells Kitchen.

I can't handle Intervention for some reason. It gives me anxiety. I have seen ads for parking wars and that has potential...

Leisha said...

(I want to marry Gordon Ramsay with that filthy mouth of his! I agree the BBC show is best!)

AzĂșcar said...

Petie is so right, Tim Riggins is greasy-tasty. I can't believe I just wrote that. Maybe Lisa and I can go mano a mano over who should win the girl, Riggins or Christian Logan/Matt.

FNL has all the boys.

Go Panthers!

Ana said...

I tend to prefer rock star boyfriends. Specifically, Lenny Kravitz who is sick right now, he probably needs me, poor baby, but I just can't get away. Jack Johnson who is like a more surfery version of my darling Dr. G-to-be, and Ari Hest who can just sing the crap out of anything. Love them ALL.

What I watch on TV lately is just whatever I can find online because I will not pay for cable and the kids broke the antenna.

Normally I like House, American Idol, Kitchen Disasters and Ugly Betty.

Peter said...

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