Monday, September 25, 2006

More San Diego snaps....

Lauren wrote her name in the sand and posed by it. We do this every year on Christmas Eve when we go to the beach. This is the first year that SHE could write her own name. I have 5 years of these pictures.

For some reason I love Speedo suits on little kids. Maybe it is because they are not too grown up (as in...not too sexy). Maybe it is because little kids have such perfect little bodies...who knows. Anyway, she is always happy to pose for a picture. This is right before she went body boarding w/ her Grandpa (who is 63 going on 25...he bikes across countries, he runs marathons...he is unbelievable).
Here is Jacob's "name" picture. Lu wrote this one too. We couldn't get him to look at the camera...but we DID get about 12 shots of him shoveling sand into his mouth...with an actual shovel. It didn't bother him nearly as much in his mouth as it did on his feet.

Another day, another beach, another bucket.

One night we went to dinner w/ Derek's sister and her husband. Grandma and Grandpa babysat the kids for us. Jacob recently learned how to climb out of his crib and we had been having quite a time getting him back into bed. When we got home from dinner we asked if JJ had given them a hard time. They told us no...they put him back in bed once and then didn't hear from him again. This is where we found him asleep. He is fast asleep in this picture..but squinted b/c of the flash. This continued for the rest of the trip. We found him behind doors, in the bathroom, etc. We bought a crib tent the minute we got home. It is the only way that I know he is safe (he can open the sliding glass door in his room and he is on the second floor.....).

Nori slept a lot. This suitcase was her bed on the trip. We used dish towels for her burp clothes. Poor little matchstick baby. :-) Don't worry, she only slept in the suitcase on the trip. At home she doesn't sleep in one. She sleeps in a laundry basket. Seriously.

Norah slept in lots of great places on the a suitcase, on pool chairs, in strollers at SeaWorld and the Zoo, at many dinners while on my shoulder. Just never at night.

Poor red Lulu. We did use sunscreen, just not enough. Nori already looks so small to me here. She has changed so much.

Now that Lauren is able to write she can take pictures with all kinds of stuff in the sand. This one says "I love Peter Pan".


lisa v. clark said...

Seeing Jacob asleep on the chair brought back a lot of "fun" memories. Owen sometimes STILL sleeps on the floor, behind a door. . . etc etc. Cute, Cute kids!

Bek said...

I remember once when I visited you in England you couldn't get the door opened b/c he was asleep behind it..

Good times.

~j. said...

Nori is so deliciously teensy.

Yay for the kid Speedos -- we get them every year.

AzĂșcar said...

Hmmm laundry basket...good idea.

Bek said...

A--you can borrow mine. :-)

I am actually ashamed to say it isn't even a laundry basket. It is a big square basket that we got full of meat and cheese at Christmas time from Derek's boss a few years ago. It used to be the home to stuffed animals. Now it is home to the youngest. I meant to get a Moses basket....and she learned to flip her legs over at about 3 weeks old so the cradle was always tilted sideways and ready to topple over.

Don't tell her when she grows up, ok? Also, don't tell our social worker. :-)

plain jane said...

Love the pictures. Only thing better would have been to be there with you!