Friday, September 29, 2006

Internet...I need a recipe..

Hi Blogworld,

I want to make brownies and I want to eat the whole pan myself. Don't try and stop me. Well, OK, I MIGHT share them w/ my 92 yr old neighbor, but only like three because she lives alone and frankly I NEED these brownies. Derek is in NY and I am on my own w/ the three little piggies this weekend. I say piggie in the most loving of ways. They baby spits up on at least 6 outfits a day, Jacob takes his diaper and clothing off at any possible moment (and I have found NOTHING that I can keep on him, even zip jammies on backwards) so you can imagine the kind of laundry that creates and Lauren has a cold and is in a very fun paper cutting artistic phase. Cute little piggies but piggies none the less. Laundry piggies.

ANYWAY.. I already know what KIND of brownies I am going to make (Ghiradelli boxed...two boxes in a 9/13 pan...they are the best brownies known to man and come out perfect every time). What I am trying to figure out is what kind of delicious topping to put one them. What I want to put on them is some sort of marshmallow-y, chocolate frosting-y combo. Sometimes I have bakes the brownies in a cupcake tin w/a peanut butter cup in each one...yum. I have also done ones w/ a caramel-y peanut topping. I enjoy a good cream cheese frosting w/ raspberries as much as the next guy. Tonight I want something different. I want marshmallow. I want chocolate. I want a layer of brownie, a layer of marshmallow and then some chocolate frosting. I don't want to debate whether brownies should have frosting or not because we all know that no one really cares as long as there are brownies. :-)

Does anyone in blogworld have a recipe for this? I read a recipe like this on someone's site but can't find it now.

On this vein... I want to invite you readers to share your favorite recipe. The favorites in our house usually come from another person and I LOVE to collect recipe's because I love to cook. What do you love to cook? What is your signature recipe? Would you share? I need some new ones to inspire me to get cooking again.


Tracy M said...

OHhh! I'll share! I'll share! But I have to go get my precious, secret cookbook from upstairs, first!!

By the way, frosting? ALWAYS, duh! OK, the Ghiriadeli box rocks big time, and I usually top them with straight chocolate. If you sprinkle a bag of chocolate chips right on top of the hot brownies right out of the oven, the residual heat melts the chips, then spread over the top with a spatula... When cool, it's a thick cholate coating that ads a nice, toothy, creamy chunk texture- yum!! Sometimes I sprinkle a flavored chip (peanut butter, white choc, or heath) as well...

As far as marshmallows, I can't help ya- have the drat things! Good luck with your barfing nudist artists!!

Emmie said...

There's a great recipe for Marshmallow Brownies here.

The short version is to sprinkle miniature marshmallows on the brownies as soon as they come out of the oven, then stick them back in the oven for 2 minutes or so. After they cool, spread frosting on the top. Yum!

Bek said...

emmie wins for the marshmallows. THANK YOU.. Tracy, that is great chocolate frosting....

Ummm brownies...I just might make it through the day...

wendysue said...

Bek, my MIL has a fabuloso reciepe but she's in Omaha today, so I'll email it as soon as I talk to her. If I'm remembering right, it's like brownies on the bottom and then a marshmallow layer, then a layer of melted choc chips with peanut butter? I post it soon! Hold on, HOLD ON!!

Bek said...

Sweet Wendy... I have a box saved up just for tonight.......

compulsive writer said...

I just make regular chocolate frosting from the cookbook--the recipe matters not as long as you use decadently rich and highly concentrated cocoa (not the cheap stuff). I frost the brownie while still warm then sprinkle marshmellows on top of them and stick them back in the oven while it's still hot.

They're messy, but magically delicious!

LuckyRedHen said...

When backwards zipper pj's stopped working on Piper we would duct tape the top (where the zipper is) with about a 7" piece - 1/2 on inside, fold over the top where the zipper pull is then the other 1/2 down the backside. They may be able to grab at the pull but not with duct tape.

Good luck!

Bek said...

That is a great idea. We already duct tape his diapers...the boy can take them off INSIDE his clothing. I am not kidding.

Ahh kids..........

I am going to start carrying a role of duct tape on my belt and scissors in my pocket. We went through a duct tape phase w/ his car seat too....

Betina said...

Our family just can't get enough of this recipe. I am excited the weather will be cooling down soon so we can have this for dinner more often.

Chicken from the South Seas

2 ½ lbs chicken parts, skinned
½ C. flour
1 ½ tsp salt
3 TBS curry powder

•Put dry ingredients in a large bag then shake chicken parts in the bag to coat.
•Brown the chicken on the stove with a little bit of butter
•Place browned chicken parts in a deep baking dish

1 onion, diced
8 slices bacon
4 TBS yellow curry paste (or curry powder)
4 TBS flour
2 ½ C chicken broth
1 can pineapple pieces
1 tart apple, diced
•Sauté bacon and onion in a pot
•Add the curry past (or powder), flour, pineapple juice and chicken broth. Stir till thickened
•Remove from head and add pineapple pieces and apple pieces
•Pour sauce over chicken
•Bake, uncovered for 40 minutes at 400 degrees
•Serve over rice - jasmine rice made with 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 water is best.

compulsive writer said...

So, how were the brownies? And here is my signature recipe. Of course it's a dessert, not a main dish. But I usually eat any leftovers for breakfast...

Bek said...

LIsa told me about that recipie Compulsive... YUM! I have lemons on my tree in my yard and they are BEGGING to be made into a pie!

Betina...that is dinner tomorrow.

wendysue said...

Ok Bek, here goes, they are delish. .
9x13 pan
make the brownie mix as on the box (chewy style--2 eggs, not 3)
When done, pull it out and put a bag of mini marshmallows on top and return for 2-3 minutes, take it out and let it cool.
Melt 1 1/2 C Chocolate chips, 1 C peanut butter, 1 Tbsp. butter--mix that together and add 1 C rice crispies and pour over the marshmallow/brownies, put it in the fridge until it sets. They are super gooey and good! Enjoy!

Queso said...

Skip the baking. Down a giant Dove bar. Done.

We always have lots of recipes going on at the con Queso. The Martindale Chicken Salad recipe is the best. But I must confess I don't know how to link in comments (because I'm challenged like that).

This month is pumpkin recipes. Stay tuned. (I'm trying to convince my friend Adrienne to give me her amazing pumpkin cookie recipe. Seriously, it's the best.)

Angel said...

Ummm no recipe but.... At Sam's Club (do you have that there?) They have Hershey's TRIPLE CHOCOLATE brownies. It's a box mix. IT IS AMAZING!!! Seriously. I'm making more today juts cause I wrote this. :0) Angel

Design Mom said...

I also dig the Ghiradelli box. It's the only brownie we make around here. I do a version of what tracy m does and put andes mints over the whole surface when the brownies are hot out of the oven. I love minty chocolate.

Azúcar said...

Another method, make the brownies as directed. Pour about 3/4's of the batter (eyeball it) and bake for 13 minutes. Remove from oven and cover with mini marshmallows and the remaining batter on top of the marshmallows. Bake for the rest of the time alloted (about 7 minutes, isn't it 20 total?)

This method also works with caramels (melt with a few drops of water in micro until spreadable/pourable) or whatever! (Snickers, Andes, sky's the limit.)

You get the idea.

Azúcar said...

Easy Peasy:

(The guaranteed "you'll love this curry even if you don't like curry" dish. This recipe comes together really quickly, start by making rice for the fam and by the time the rice is done, so is the dish. The seasonings are approximate, add more to taste.)

Chicken Peach Curry
1-2 Tbl olive oil
1 med yellow onion chopped
1 lb of cubed chicken breast (use less if you want)
1 large can of peaches in light syrup (NOT drained)
1 tsp. Chicken Buollion (sp?)
2-3 Tbl curry (yellow/Madras) more to taste
2 Tbl flour, made into a slurry to thicken.

Heat oil over medium-high heat, add chopped onions. Sprinkle with salt and some of curry. Saute till soft. Add chicken, salt, little more curry, brown chicken. Add entire can of peaches, with syrup. Stir and cut up peaches into bite-sized pieces with your spatula/cooking spoon. Add boullion and any remaining curry, stir then add flour slurry. Allow to simmer a couple minutes. Taste. (You may need more curry, more salt or more boullion. If there's not a hint of sweet, add a pinch of sugar.) Serve over rice.

Azúcar said...

p.s. By large can of peaches I mean the ones that are 29-32 ounces--not the industrial size.

Bek said...

Azucar-- YUM! I do love curry in all forms.

GCQ--I have seen your recipies and I have even made many of them. Chicken Salad is on the menue this week.

Wendysue---the only thing that makes brownies better then having marshmallows on top is rice crispies... and Andes (wow Design Mom...) and Caramel....

I have to make chicken for 60 people this saturday and that means a trip to costco which means...more brownie mix....

lisa v. clark said...

Look at Lee Lou Ann's recipe in September (sidebar) for "Warm Brownie Cups" in her Ladies Lunch blog. I just made them and GOOD NIGHT, they are delish! Like a brownie, but a cup full of hot fudge, too.

lisa v. clark said...

I mean