Wednesday, September 06, 2006



I am a terrible mother. Today I took Lauren to school at her regular time (10:30) and when I got home had a call from the office that it was EARLY RELEASE DAY.

I sent her to school two hours late.

For the second week in a row. Sigh......

I swear that it is because I am not sleeping and NOT because I am an airhead. On a lighter note...this is how my kids entertain themselves when I am not around. These are baby floaties that became fun costumes...... We should be the Jetsons for Halloween. More pictures and huge post tomorrow.


Queso said...

Your kids are beeeeeuuutiful!

AzĂșcar said...

Boy, those kids are prepared for anything!

Bek said...

What? No comments about how I don't value my child's education AT ALL?

THis is why I could never homeschool. It would never happen.

The kids were particularly funny that day. Today (but I didn't have a camera) Jacob found the stash of swim diapers. He had 4 or 5 up each leg, 4 or 5 up each arm and two on his head. He was Nemo-licious.

Julie said...

CUTE! I think a school schedule like that is particularly stupid. Just my $2 worth (my thoughts are worth much more than pennies).

wendysue said...

That whole California early out day is for the birds. . .I went out to watch my sisters kids while they were gone a few years ago and my sister um, forgot to mention about the whole early out pick up at the bus stop things. . .so I was out shopping. . .I'm glad they had friends that lived nearby!!

I love the Jetsons idea!!

Queen Scarlett said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE...and that experience is one for the memory books. The stuff life is made of. ;-) I just feel bad you had to make a quickie trip... gas these days!

compulsive writer said...

It's 4:35 and I've given it the old college try for an hour but I just can't sleep. So I'm thinking of you in the middle of the night.

I had the worst time remembering early days. I can't tell you how many times--we probably missed a half a year of kindergarten doing that.

Good luck!

And those photos are awesome!

wendy said...

I homeschool my kids simply to avoid missing important things, or bringing them late, or forgetting to pick them up. Of course I am kidding, but, I used to do all kinds of crazy things when my kids were in public school. In fact, when we decided to homeschool and pulled them from PS, Sahara's teacher wrote me this note about how homeschooling wasn't a good choice just to avoid the morning rush and getting kids to school on time. I was very offended! ;-)

Your kids are way too cute and extremely creative! :-)

Mandy said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Do you get comments on Jacob's eye lashes. They are just like my daughter's and I'm always getting comments on them. They just seem to curl forever.

Your kids are sooo cute!!

Sorry you had to make a special trip back to pick up your daughter. I understand though, because since we have gotten our daughter I forget ALOT of things. Don't go anywhere without my calender now.

Bek said...

Last year in one semester Lauren was absent 13 times. :-) At least 7 of those days were when we were at Disneyland...the others were when they all kept passing lice along to each other in the class room.

I was up at 4:45......... we have two sick kids today so it will be a nap instead of laundry. :-)