Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday = A good Friday

Hey there!

Thank you for all the nice messages on Wednesday. I had my new fancy schmancy iPhone in the hospital so I could read all the comments and e mails. I didn't respond because the keyboard on that thing is too annoying to type on. I also have a million pictures, but I am trying to figure out how to download give me another day or so. Until then, I wanted to put a few things down before I forget them.

--The labor was really fast and easy as labor goes. My Dr. is awesome. I checked in dilated to about a 3. At about noon the pitocin kicked in and I got the epidural right away (again!!). I was only dilated to a 4..but her theory is "why be in pain?" That is lucky because that happens to be my theory too. She lets you get the epi whenever you want it. About 30 minutes of wonderful, epidural bliss the contractions REALLY started hurting. I called the Dr. back and I was at a 10 and ready to go. It took all of 30 minutes. She let me get another shot of pain meds and waited for it to kick in and then we had a baby. It was pretty painless (except the last few minutes, nothing really can take that away) but all in all, easy peasy. I am thankful for that. The nurses were so nice and everyone took really good care of me at the hospital. I even got a private the stars lined up. I got smart this time and banned all visitors (except those bearing In N Out --thanks Suzi) and just had quiet hospital time. Derek's family was so great to stay with the kids an awful lot, allowing him to be there a lot too. We got home yesterday and it is so far so good. I am feeling REALLY good and it is tempting to be up and about, but I am going to take it easy for a few weeks so I don't crash a month from now....

--A few minutes after Gracie was born, we called Lauren to tell her. She asked me "what is she doing?" I told her that she was crying a little bit and getting checked by the doctors. Lauren then told me "She is probably hungry. You should try nursing her. Did you think of that?" She wasn't being flip....just "helpful". Bless her little heart. It hasn't stopped since then. Lauren is #1 mom. According to her, I don't feed her fast enough, or put her in the car seat right, etc, etc. It isn't in a bossy way, so don't get the wrong idea. She is just VERY invested in this baby and wants to hold and feed her and be the first responder. I am making sure (and will have to continue to be careful with this) that she doesn't feel responsible for her or feel that she has to mother her. She can just do it if it is fun.

--I talked to Lu about Gracie's Down Syndrome. I knew that she would start to overhear things from people and doctors (she has begged to come to the Dr. with me for the baby and so far we have let her). She seemed pretty non plussed. I told her that she could tell the family and ask them if they had any questions about it. I asked her how she would explain DS to someone. She replied that people with Down Syndrome have "faces that are squished". Um, no, that is a new baby thing. That was pretty funny.

She called my mom and told her about Gracie. My mom was talking to her about it and Lu piped up "I just hope that she doesn't grow up to be a sociopath".........


My mom told her that sociopaths are people who are really crazy and she said "I know and I hope that isn't how Gracie turns out". S0 there we have it. The DS was nothing, there are much bigger things that she is worried about. Funny, huh?

--Jacob and Norah have been so fun. I know it is the honeymoon period with them but still. When we brought Gracie home, Norah crawled to her and said "my baby" over and over. If I am holding Grace, she alternates between hitting her and stealing her bottle and trying to hold her and rock her. She does always call her "my baby". It is amazing to see her even be aware of what is going on. Nothing turns your baby into a toddler faster than bringing home a new one. When she sees the car seat she says "car? car?". Also, this girl only has about 12 words, but she did a 4 word sentence today. It was "My baby Jacob, NO". Good girl.

--In the hospital, Derek brought the big kids to see Grace. Jacob was a whirlwind of energy (and we just feel lucky no one accidentally got unplugged while he was there....). A nurse came in and said asked him what his name is and he replied "my name is Baby Grace". Then the nurse said "No, I think that is the baby's name. What is your sisters name?" and he quickly replied "Santa".

Tomorrow there will be pictures of the kids, Easter photos, new baby Grace pictures (cheeks and all) and some fun hospital stories including: why nurse Leslie almost got the smack down, how I feel about pebbled ice and the all time favorite "Breastfeeding...will she or won't she?"

Happy Easter everyone!


Leisha said...

Awww, it's great to get a run-down so quickly! I've been checking back often for just that type of thing! I'm glad the delivery was "easy peasy" that is AWESOME! Anyway, can't wait for more pics of the whole fam with her. How fun!

liz said...

welcome home and congratulations! She is so sweet and what a lucky family AND baby!!!

compulsive writer said...

I absolutely loved reading this post and hearing all about it. I'm so happy for you and so excited for more pics tomorrow. Glad you're feeling good, but I think you should stay in your pajamas for a month at least so you will get lots of help.

Hugs to all of you and Happy Easter!

Deanna said...

Congrats and she is so adorable.... One blessed family.... Challenges with babies makes you a stronger parent even with chaos all around. Stop by our blog and you will see I keep my hands full and would not have it any other way. Although mine are all adopted so "I asked for it" as my husband says.
Deanna a friend of Christy's
Hoping to be your way this summer on a road trip with the family :)

Amber said...

Welcome back and congratulations for your little miracle!

Suzie Petunia said...

Those precious first few days... I wish I could re-live them over and over. Your kids are so darn cute- you'll be so glad you wrote down those funny things they've said.

As for the pebbled ice... do you think it would be less expensive for me to have another baby just so I could sit in a hospital bed and be fed pebbled ice?... or should I just buy my own pebbled-ice-making-machine. I LOVE that stuff. Its like candy.

AzĂșcar said...

Your kids are such a crackup.

La Yen said...

I sincerely hope she is not a sociopath, as well. Way to look out for society, Lu!

Mandy said...

She is just so darn cute!! I keep coming back to your blog to look at her.

It sounds like everything is going so well and that makes me so happy for you. I wish I could be right there for you and help in anyway (secretly I just want to kiss her pudgy little cheeks LOL) but it sounds like you have it all under control.


wendysue said...

Oh I LOVE a good nurse smackdown story. . .what's with some of them?

Loving the stories of the kiddos, and amazing that you are HOME with your new little Grace already. What a blessing. Happy Easter.

Love you!

Nellie said...

I can't believe this post -- girl, are you resting? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing all the details, but REST. ENJOY. Grace is adorable -- I can't wait to see more of her!! I am glad all went well, and enjoy an In-N-Out burger for me -- man, I miss that place!! XO

Bek said...

Nellie--I am resting. Really. It has been heaven. I did enjoy an In N Out for you. Two actually. ;-)

Blogging is easy (and often done while feeding the baby..). Derek has been very protective of my energy and has been wonderful.

I don't plan on getting dressed or moving for a few weeks.

Deanna-Away2me said...

Oh such a nice update. Glad you sound so well. The comments from your babies are hysterical.

tracy m (dandelion mama) said...

Hooray for fast births!

I love that N. is being so posessive and loving Grace so much- and Jacob is always a crack-up. Good for Lu for worrying about sociopaths- tell her I do to.

The baby positively beautiful- I just want to kiss her cheeks!

Hope recovery is going well and you have help coming...

Happy Easter.

SupermomE11 said...

Huge congrats Bek and family!! Grace is just beautiful and I love her name. Tsega means "grace". :)

I look forward to the updates! I laughed out loud about Cubby telling the nurse his name was Santa... him and Marcus are so much alike it is scary!! :)

Enjoy the newborn stage because it goes so quickly. Again, huge congrats and hugs to all of you (and so cool about your doctor knowing ours!!!) :)

Hugs and love,
Erin said...

ooh, i'm excited to see more pics, and stories!
can u also e-mail me your new address, i have something for Grace

Betina said...

I am so glad she is here safe and sound.

Lauren is a hoot and a half.

I am also really glad to hear about Nora's speech. 4 words, independently! That is great! Any news on her test results?

I can't wait to see more pictures.

Good work. So far Grace is as cute as a button.

Glenda said...

I had a good friend give birth to a precious baby girl on Wednesday the 19th! She's also downs syndrome. She has a big brother with DS also. He's my favorite almost 2 yr old in the whole world. :)

Christie said...

I am so glad that everything went well. Baby Gracie I want to eat your cheeks you sweet thing.
I cant wait to see your Eater pics.

sue-donym said...

A new baby AND an iPhone? The Gods have smiled upon you.

(I love my iPhone way more than I should)